Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Resort

March 9, 2020

I love to travel around the world and stay in beautiful properties. But right now, I have the feeling that all of us are going to be thinking about vacationing at home a bit more.



Sadly, some of us are already experiencing some travel restrictions. There is a growing list of major corporations that have asked their employees to postpone nonessential business travel and, in some cases, personal travel plans...anywhere.  

The prospect of a possible quarantine just doesn't fit into my schedule right now. How about you? Hopefully, soon, this spreading virus threat will pass or at least stabilize.   

There is probably not a better time to make sure your home base is a beautiful place that you don't mind not escaping from...


My own home wasn't always my favorite place to be in the world. Now it is, thankfully! It required a little work on my part, but nothing that couldn't be easily handled. So let's talk about some ways to turn your home into a staycation resort. One that relaxes, re-energizes, and restores you.  


Create Your Own Idea of a Sanctuary

Bedrooms and bathrooms are the perfect places to start as they are intended to be the ultimate place of rest and relaxation.  You know the feeling when you walk into your favorite hotel? There is this sense of pampering, along with soothing colors, simple luxuries, and beautiful mood lighting.



You can recreate this same sense in your own home. It starts by clearing the clutter from your bedroom and bathroom. Once done, stand back and look at what you have in these rooms. Does it bring you joy?    

The goal for your staycation resort is to wake up to a calm, inspiring place. If your furnishings tick this box for you, then you might consider changing up the pillows and bedding for an updated and distinctive new look.


Add a fabulous chandelier if you have a tired fan or other light fixture. Lighting creates such beautiful ambiance...something that the best resorts in the world know all too well.  


Or how about spoiling yourself with some new luxury sheets?

On the other hand, if your furnishings are simply providing you a place to sleep and store your stuff in those nightstands and dressers.  The pieces that you may have had for one too many years, then it might be time for a full-on bedroom transformation.   



How fun would that be? 

Let's not forget your bathroom. It can be as simple as placing a little table next to your bathtub, a tranquil plant, and a new robe and slippers. 



Or placing a cozy chair (if you have the room) so you feel like a spa at home. Anything you can do to freshen up your bedroom and bathroom will go a long way in uplifting your spirit and creating a staycation haven.

The ultimate luxury in your home is comfort.  
The rooms that you spend the most time in should be a place that you want to relax and unwind. Is it time to think about a comfy sofa or sectional that encourages you to put your feet up and stay awhile?



What is under your feet? You might want to indulge in a soft rug or two. This particular one below is the ultimate in luxury, sheepskin and is in our showroom for you to look at and feel!  This particular rug might make you want to spend your entire staycation on the floor!




How about creating a private getaway spot just for yourself? There always seems to be one or two neglected spots in our homes that we dream of making into our own cozy oasis to read, nap, or just hang out.  



It is also getting to be the time of year where we need to be thinking about outdoor living. Nothing says vacation more than a magical, comfortable, and inviting outdoor space. It doesn't matter if you have a tiny balcony or a sprawling backyard, you can always evoke the luxurious vacation retreat vibe with the comfortable furnishings and small finishing touches. 



The little things….

Smell.  Allow yourself to be greeted with a clean, pleasant aroma when you walk through your door. Diffusers are an enjoyable and safe way (can't leave a candle burning when you are away) to accomplish this little staycation goal.  We love the soothing Bambo scent.



Refresh Your Visual. If you don't need a major overhaul in your home, then perhaps change things up just a bit to keep it exciting. Change your pillows, add a new throw, or rearrange accessories.   Or just treat yourself to something new and inspiring.   After all, this is your vacation.



Flowers and plants. Hotels understand that fresh flowers make guests feel welcome and at home. Why is it that we all tend to reserve them for special occasions?Consider them an essential part of your staycation resort.   


Once your home is staycation ready, it is time to lean into the art of just hanging out right where you live.

Make a list of places or things that you have always wanted to do right here in town.  A day playing pickleball at Smash Park? I have always wanted to go to the Escape Zone.  

How about planning a fantastic dinner party? Luxuriate in your cookbooks and create the dishes that you've meant to make.  You will have all the time in the world to prepare a gourmet dinner and create a dreamy table for your guests...and besides your home look fabulous.



When is the last time you've read a good book or gone to two movies in one day?  

There are endless options. Your staycation can be comprised of local luxuries—fine dining in fancy outfits (I know where you can get them), going to the civic center, or shopping local? Your hometown vacation can be rigorously planned or unfold slowly, like a mystery. And the best part?

Looking forward to going home to your very own staycation resort.


Have a fabulous week.   If you're not traveling over spring break, I hope you make an inspiration tour through all of our boutiques as one of your local luxury stops.