Traveling Beautifully

July 26, 2015
Blog this week by Gina Ross.

Blog By Gina Ross

Without a doubt, an airport terminal is a great place to people watch.    

One of the things I really appreciate is when I see a woman who really knows how to put together a great tarmac ready outfit.  I have come to the conclusion that traveling in comfort doesn’t mean we are limited to a cliche travel outfit such as sweatshirts, sweatpants or  yoga gear.   We can  (and should) travel in great style and comfort by following a few simple rules for 'traveling beautifully.'


Choose simple clothes that are elegant and comfortable

These days when I travel, I start with a pair of either leggings or on-trend boyfriend jeans.   I add a comfortable t-shirt and sweater that drapes.

Another perfect travel ready outfit I love, that is both stylish and comfortable... Lafayette 148 makes a great skinny pant with elastic side panels and center pintuck detail.    Paired with a Vince long sleeve tee that is heathered on top with fluid silk on the bottom, all I need is to grab a sweater cape, tote and a necklace, and I am ready to go!

Carry a big tote

Airlines are getting to be sticklers for the one carry-on bag and one personal item rule.   I have found that a big tote is the best solution for me for creating space for those additional items I like to pack.   

For example, I don’t travel without my iPad, fashion and design magazines, a book (for when I can’t use my electronic device), toiletries and a coat or wrap I need for an extra layer of warmth.   

A large tote can easily fit underneath the seat in front of me and provide easy access to the items I need during a flight.

Instead of a tote, Kelli and Julie have been carrying these elegant rolling bags that are functional for both vacations and market trips giving them lots of space for carrying laptops, look books, make-up bags, chargers and all the essentials needed for a day of travel.  

Pack a light weight coat or a cashmere wrap

Regardless of your destination, the air temperature in the plane is going to fluctuate between sticky warm to bone chilling cold.    A great lightweight coat  or cashmere wrap that is easy to slip on and take off as the temperature changes is a smart way to travel.

I've been loving this lightweight but bold blue coat from Vince inspired by the classic man's overcoat.  Hidden side pockets for the perfect place to tuck away your boarding pass.  


But I am a scarf girl and this concord cashmere blend (also from Vince) is perfect for me.    Even when I am traveling to the tropics, I often made the mistake of not having a warm layer for a cool night.  This scarf can travel with me year-round.

Wear flats

Gracefully pulling a roller bag while carrying an oversize tote is really only manageable when wearing flats. Consider a great pair of loafers, ballerina flats, ankle booties or stylish sneakers the next time you need to navigate the terminal with grace.

Limit, but don't eliminate your jewelry

Yes, you need to think about limiting but not eliminating  your jewelry pieces when traveling.   Pick pieces that are either easy to take off and on as you pass through the TSA security or ones that you know won't set off the alarms.

We've never had trouble passing through security with the beautiful and lightweight Simon Sebbag line that we almost always have in our clothing store.    Dress it up or dress it down!

Keep your makeup simple

The dry stale air on a plane can wreak havoc on foundation, mascara and lipstick. Keep your makeup simple by wearing a good liquid beauty balm with a hint of color, nude eyeshadow, and a nude or light pick lipstick.  My favorite line of nude makeup is Urban Decay.

Never leave home without your sunglasses

Women with great style have figured out a great pair of sunglasses can hide the harsh signs of a long day of travel or a late night and early morning travel.

Hopefully, you have a trip or two planned for the rest of the summer.    Need help putting together your travel wardrobe?    The styling team at the clothing store are more than happy to help you map out your outfits from day to night... and in getting the most use out of what you decide to pack!

Me?    I just need to figure out what I am going to pack and wear to the Kenny Chesney concert in Kansas City this coming weekend.    Rain or shine, hot or cold... I will be there.   The question remains "What shall I wear?"

Have a great week,