Transformed Twice

July 16, 2017

Just about a year ago, a client of ours called upon us to help furnish and style their lovely new town home.  We incorporated a few of their existing pieces while adding a new sofa, lighting, pillows, tables, accessories and artwork.    

One of her favorite pieces was an entry way console that was made out of reclaimed wood and chrome.  

Although she and her husband loved the interior of their home, they quickly discovered that living in a townhome wasn’t quite for them.   Ouch, right?      



Even though they had just purchased the town home, they decided to put it up for sale and purchase a ranch that they had their eye on in Polk City.

Now, that is not an easy decision and one that could be potentially costly.  The town home needed to sell fast and for the highest price possible.



Fortunately, their investment in beautifully decorating and styling their town home...not only made for a quick sale but the new owner wanted to buy all of their beautiful furnishings on the main floor...and I mean all of it.   

As you can imagine, this happened quick.    And our clients found themselves moving to a new home without any furniture.    

It would take weeks and possibly months to get this new home furnished, right?     Wrong.   Our clients had already experienced the beauty of our unique and unheard of business practices of buying and stocking custom upholstery, curating exceptional case goods, rugs, accessories, bedding and everything in between.

They knew that when we entered their new home for the first time, it would be only a matter of days before they were happily settled into a magazine worthy home.

We met with our clients in their new home on July 3rd  to measure rooms and get a feel for the home. On July 5th, we were ready to present a scaled rendering of their new space as well as present what furnishings we thought our clients would absolutely love for their home.

We had a dining room, great room and master bedroom to consider.   And after a couple of hours of seeing, touching and feeling the potential major pieces for their home, a wonderful story began to take shape.

Our clients left K. Renee with a lot to consider and dream about and by the next morning (Thursday), they decided that they wanted us to install their master bedroom as soon as possible (Friday).   We would need to wait until the next week to install the dining and great room because their garage floor had been coated and it needed to thoroughly dry before moving in the majority of furniture.

In the master bedroom, our clients moved in their new home with just a mattress and some basic bedding.  


On Friday, Kelli and the team delivered an elegant king upholstered bed with bedding, pillows,  a beautiful bench and a floor length mirror to finish out the room.   


The home had been staged by the builder prior to our clients buying it.   It had been for sale for nearly two years. They saw the possibilities and also knew that K. Renee could truly bring this beautiful home to life.   This is how the home looked when it was for sale...

And this is how it looked, when Kelli and her team finished the rooms  the following Tuesday (one week after our first home visit).   



It was absolutely gorgeous and just what our client had dreamed for the home.   Comfortable, serene, and beyond what they thought would be possible for their home.    




Their rooms were complete down to all the layers, pillows and accessories that are so important in making a house a home.



All it takes is a little vision and the hand of the great style that the K. Renee team always brings to our clients and their homes. 

Personally, I think this clients' experience is a great illustration of why it's important to live life beautifully no matter if you think you will move or stay in your home for years.     If you move (someday), you still get the joy of living in a home that speaks to your soul and when it comes time to will speak to potential homeowners as well.

We have real estate agents that come into our store all the time and tell us what a difference it makes in their ability to quickly sell a home (and retain the true value) when it has been styled and furnished by our talented team.

And if you are in your forever home, what are you waiting for?     You, too, can come home to a place that brings you a sense of joy each and every time you walk in the door.   A home that you are not only proud to live in but show off to the rest of the world.

Come see us and let us help you tackle your home goals and desires.   I promise you will be inspired.