January 7, 2019

This is it.   Week one of 2019.     Our team has had some enlightening conversations about the ONE word each of us chose to drive us closer to accomplishing our dreams, hopes, and aspirations for the next coming year.

And while choosing a mantra for the year is powerful, we also must give ourselves some clarity on what we must do to really create change and carve a new path.     To help with this...many of our team members regularly follow an inspiring video blog from Brendon Burchard.  


nullBrendon is the world’s leading high-performance coach, a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, and one of the most-watched quoted and followed personal development trainers in history. SUCCESS Magazine and O, The Oprah Magazine have both named him one of the most influential leaders in personal growth and achievement.

Our team couldn’t agree more and find that his insights push us all in all of the right ways.   “Live, Love, Matter” is his mantra for all of his teachings...and who doesn’t want more of this?   




On January 1st, he posted what we believe is one of the most powerful 52 minutes that we have experienced in a long time.    And it’s content will help me gain the needed clarity to make my word for this year “Action” really mean something important for 2019.   It was a wake-up call for how I have fallen into habits of letting life happen to me instead of taking command.    

And I want to take command.   And if you do too, I would highly encourage you to invest 52 minutes.    It is actually a part of a week-long deep dive into your personal plans for this next year and perhaps the rest of your life.   


Click on the picture to take you to the link where you can watch this inspiring video.

Whew, heavy stuff I know.     But I think you will truly enjoy.  Since this is #transformationweek for today’s blog, I thought I would share some inspiring transformation pictures from a large project that we completed just before the holidays!    

This was not your usual project as this one took place in Florida.   Our clients came to us in late summer with the specific goal of furnishing their newly purchased home before Thanksgiving.    Challenge accepted.

Although we had great pictures and a blueprint with all the dimensions that we needed, Kelli made a trip right after closing to Florida to get a first-hand feel of the home.   

And then the work began and quickly.    Our style team, led by Kelli, worked tirelessly to transform 5 bedrooms, great room, dining room, office, breakfast room, entry, and outdoor space into a beautiful oasis...all from Des Moines.   Here are just a few of the spaces that would be completed in just a matter of a few months...



Our clients know the value of being able to see, touch, sit and feel their furnishings...and beginning in August that is just what they did as we moved from room to room making furniture selections, picking out accessories, pillows, bedding, and artwork.    It is why we keep warehouses full of fantastic options and have developed committed relationships with our vendors that allow us to get what we need to meet even the most extraordinary deadlines.   



Our team doesn’t just send a moving truck to our out of state locations and plop the abundance of furnishings needed for a home, we hit the road too.     Stacie, Travis, Kelli, and Jeff were on site to meet our trucks and not only help unload, but place furnishings, make beds, lay rugs, hang artwork and anything else that needed to be done to finish the home completely.

Enough already.   Let’s take a peek...

Florida #transformation from K. Renee on Vimeo.

We don’t joke when we say our work is from concept to completion!

As we begin this first full week of January, I wish you all the #transformations that you dream about in this upcoming year. Our team is always looking for new inspiration for ourselves so we can pass that inspiration along to you in your home or in your wardrobe. 

Let's make 2019 count...together.