Too Much Of A Good Thing

July 6, 2020

When it comes to our homes, it is entirely possible to have too much of a good thing.  Things like too much wood, too much leather, and too much of the same metal finish throughout a home can make a home look heavy.     

The trick is to keep visual weight in balance within your home.  Too many sturdy, heavy pieces will make a room feel weighed down while too many lightweight pieces can make your home feel unfinished.   

Substantial items not only look heavy but are heavy! So think about a home with wood floors, wood cabinets, wood tables, wood bedroom sets, wood dining room can start feeling tired and heavy...and therefore might make you feel tired and heavy.   We don't want that!

The key to creating rooms that you love and lift you up is creating the right balance of visually heavy and light pieces, with plenty of space to let the eye travel between them.

So how much wood is too much?


When you have wood floors, wood cabinets, and an abundance of large wood pieces, it can feel overwhelming and rigid. The best way to counteract this is to create balance by interweaving lighter elements such as upholstery or anything made of metals, including iron, aluminum, gold, or silver.

You might also consider less rigid shapes such as oval or round and incorporating neutral colors such as white, gray, silver, or light pastel colors. And of course soft textures in your rugs, pillows, throws, and accessories. 

How much leather is too much? 

We all need a little leather in our lives! It is a beautiful decorating element and looks great in every style of home. And leather items are durable and wear wonderfully. With that being said, it is also something that should be used sparingly by mixing one or two pieces into groupings that consist mainly of upholstered furniture and visually lighter objects.

Leather sofa and chair combinations create not only a sense of heaviness but a dreaded matchy-matchy vibe. 

Bottom line, as you look around your home, study the visual weight in your home and use strategies such as varying your colors, materials, textures, and the look of your furnishings to fit your space perfectly!  

If you sense something is off and just don't know what is not working for you, that is precisely what we are here for! Take some pictures and stop in, and we can help you zero in on what you might consider adding or subtracting from your home.   

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Have a fabulous week.   It's gonna be a hot one...