To the Left, To the Left...

November 20, 2017

Beyonce made the lyrics...

To the left, to the left
To the left, to the left (mmmmmm)
To the left, to the left



...famous in her hit "Irreplaceable" and that's how I feel about my team at K. Renee.    

We have an all-staff meeting every Friday morning. Before our last team meeting, led by the one and only Jeff Schulz, we were each asked to think about what we were thankful for in our lives.    As we all came prepared to answer this specific question, Jeff changed things up a bit and asked us to tell why were thankful for the person sitting directly to our left.   

To the left

As we all gazed at the person to our left, we nervously giggled a bit (we hadn't prepared our profound statement!)   Jeff started the beautiful chain of off-the-cuff comments.  Today, I thought I would share with you what each person said about the other.  


The order in which we sat was random - Jeff >Travis >Stacie >Gina >Frank > Kelli > Wendi > Emily > DJ >Julie > Lisa > Susy.  Lana wasn't present (as she was in Florida), Kasey doesn't work Fridays and Jackson hadn't arrive yet - but I will have something to say about each of them at the end.

Jeff Schulz to his son, Travis Schulz:

Jeff and Travis

Father and son lead our customer care and delivery team. 

"I am thankful that I get to work by my son in a business that I love.   I got to work with my own Dad on the farm and that time I spent with him meant so much.   I value the time that I get to spend with you each and every day."   (Cue the tears.)


 Travis to his wife, Stacie Schulz 


Stacie, Travis and Kelli

Travis with his two favorite ladies. 

"I am thankful that I get to work with my best friend and the woman that I love in a business that we love."  (Tears continue.)


 Stacie to Gina Ross:


 Gina and Stacie

 Gina and Stacie at Variety's Polo Event.

"I am thankful that you have chosen to be part of our team.   You bring so much experience to the table and I rely on you so much. You always get things done.   I feel like you are my sister and I love you."


Gina to Frank Vaia:


The shoe guy, Frank

Frank, our clothing and shoe stylist.  Image by Ivory House Photography. 

"Frank, I am thankful for your kindness, positive attitude all-of-the-time and your exceptional sense of style.   My son (Jackson) even mentioned to me the other day how much he admires your style and thinks you are one cool dude! 


Frank to Kelli Schulz:


Frank and Kelli

Frank and Kelli enjoying a moment of calm.  Image by Ivory House Photography. 

Kelli, there are many things I am thankful for in you;  your vision for this business and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this journey with you.


Kelli to Wendi Williams

(Her little sister)

Wendi at a team dinner.

Wendi at a team dinner.   Image by Ivory House Photography. 

"I am thankful that you are still following me around (like a little sister does) and how you just know things intuitively."   

There was some other affectionate sister talk and something about a red truck, but I think that is something that will stay between them.  LOL


Wendi to Emily Powell

(Our newest employee who you will learn more about in next weeks blog.)

Emily Powell showing off some K. Renee style.

Emily Powell showing off some K. Renee style. 

"I am thankful that you are so full of joy and positivity.   And I appreciate the new and amazing energy that you are bringing to our team."


 Emily to DJ Fees


DJ with his favorite Rachel Zoe and her hubby Roger.

DJ with his favorite Rachel Zoe and her hubby Roger.  Image by Elisabeth Carrie. 

"Oh my gosh, I'm so thankful for how fun you make coming to work.    I look forward to being here each and every day!"


DJ to Me

(Oh, Jeez)

DJ and Julie

DJ as my date for Bravo in 2017 (also pictured the beautiful Tina Dahl.) Image by Chris Maharry. 

"I'm thankful for the strange and wonderful connection that we have.    We have this mother-son kind of interaction that we keep trying to stop but the truth is I kinda like it.  You, Jeff and Kelli brought me into the K. Renee family here and I am thankful."

 Me to Lisa Wood

(Our second newest home employee)

Lisa on her first day.

Lisa meeting the team on her first day at K. Renee.  Image by Ivory House Photography. 

"I can't think of anyone better to round out our home team than you.   I am thankful we found you, for your can-do-it-attitude, your calm and confident energy." 


 Lisa to Susy Damon


Susy and Mr. Rightbank

Susy with Mr. Rightbank.   Image by Ivory House Photography. 

"I am thankful to have you to look up to.  I admire how you have stayed true to your one true passion (shoes) your entire career.  I don't know many people that have stayed so true to what is in their heart."

And then to wrap things up...

Susy to Jeff Schulz

(who started this whole thing)


Jeff brings joy wherever he goes.  Images by Ivory House Photography.

"You are the bright light that shines.   I am thankful for how warm, friendly and loving you are to everyone you meet and especially our K. Renee team."


Wow, that was a nice way to start our Friday before Thanksgiving.   It was such an easy and honest way to be grateful. To the left, to the left...a great way to give thanksgiving.   Hmmm, I just may ask the same thing of my family on Thursday as we share a special meal together.   Thank you, Jeff, for the fabulous idea! 

Now there were four important people missing from our team meeting, so just a little small shout out to each of you.

Lana Jones-Gould

Lana Jane

Lana enjoying a moment at a team dinner.  Image by Ivory House Photography. 

Lana is in Florida for the holidays and as many of you know has been battling with a foot injury over the past several months.   No one could have handled it with more courage, grace and style. And we miss this incredible woman and are thankful for the times when we do get to see and work with her!   


Kasey Schulz


Kasey Schulz   

This picture of Kasey is sheer joy.  Image by Elizabeth Carrie.

Kasey is a special part of our social media and visual merchandising team and works with us on Wednesdays and store events.   We are so grateful to be the recipients of both her talent and time!    


Nancy Nigut



Girl, we miss you!!!  We are thankful for your gentle, kind and caring soul.   When you are ready to come back and see us more often, we will be waiting with open arms.


And then there is one last person, Jackson Ross (my gorgeous and kind nephew.)   Jackson works with Jeff and Travis on our customer care and delivery team.   We are thankful for his polite, personable and charming nature!

Jackson Ross

Service with a smile.  Image by Ivory House Photography. 

Jackson walked into the end of our team meeting and Jeff turned to him and asked what he was thankful for this year.    Without hesitation, he said that spending the day with his family...especially his brother Sam and cousins Brandon, Jenni and Sydney was the thing he cherished most.  Yup, that says it all.


On that note, all of us at K. Renee wish you the best Thanksgiving Day however you will be spending it.   We are incredibly thankful for each and every one of you.    


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Happy Thanksgiving,