There is Just Something About A Man in a Suit!

May 14, 2017

It’s undeniable, isn’t it?? And it’s not even when the look is all business. The confidence that exudes from a gentleman when he wears a blazer casually is just simply on point.

I actually feel the same way about women when they wear a beautifully tailored trouser suit.

There is just something about a WOMAN in a suit!

Confident, gorgeous and yes, even sexy.

Both Kelli and I feel that suits should be in every woman’s wardrobe no matter where she works or what she does and should be considered one of the most versatile options in her wardrobe.

Luckily, the power suit is once again emerging as one of the hottest trends in 2017. These two coordinating pieces are not just meant to be worn for work...they are meant to be worn for casual, parties, special occasions and just plain everyday wear.

First things first. Wearing a suit does not have to be stuffy. It is only stuffy when worn that way.  Actually when I saw the photograph above of the woman wearing the Ivory suit with such casual ease and grace, I thought to myself...I want to be THAT girl.  (I fess, it was a girl crush moment!)

Why my enthusiasm for suits right at this moment? Because the first of the many options that you will see over the next couple of weeks have arrived at K. Renee and I am excited! Among my favorites are some selections from HUGO BOSS.

Their pieces are impeccably tailored, soft, feminine with fabrics that works year round!

Suits, worn with creativity and confidence, can always be used as versatile separates.  Who doesn't need a well tailored pair of black pants or two?   And I think I have at least 4 black suit jackets in my wardrobe and I would not hesitate to buy another. Why?

Because the blazer is one of my go-to staples in my closet.   This trusted and tailored outerwear piece has so many practical and chic uses.  (My muse for suitings is the ever glamorous and uber cool Olivia Palermo!)

A suit jacket can be worn with casual tops of all kinds, thrown over a feminine dress, paired with contrasting slacks and always looks fabulous with the casual jean. There is no reason a suit can’t go from business to street in an instant. 


Yes, my friends... the power suit is back (as if it ever went away.)    With its tailored and feminine fit, it will not only look wonderful together but as a valued separate.  You will get maximum airtime from this classic staple by wearing for all types of occasions by playing it up and playing it down.

Not convinced that you need a suit? Come on in and try it out.  Our suits will always be perfectly tailored to your body (alterations if needed are complementary), so you will look simply amazing, confident—and just, well, stylish.

Ask our stylists to show you how to wear it three different ways...ones that work for your lifestyle.  I promise, you’ll be inspired!

Be powerful and strong. Just like we already know we are!  I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day either being celebrated or celebrating the amazing women in your life.