Theme for the Season: GIVE

November 6, 2016

Wow.  How did I get behind the eight-ball? It’s November 7th. Elections are tomorrow. And Thanksgiving is just two and a half weeks away. That is a serious NO WAY on my part. And boom, we are right into December with holiday parties and celebrations galore.

My theme for the next few weeks ahead of us (and always will be) is the subject of giving. 

I always admire those people that have stock piled small (but thoughtful) gifts handy for hostesses and those “oh, darn, I forgot I needed a gift” occasions. 

Yes, we can always make a quick pitstop and grab a great bottle of wine.   Instead, why not have a few glorious things on hand to help create a memorable moment. Who doesn’t need more of those?

So, today,  I have compiled a few of my favorite and unique small gift ideas that are all in the $100 or less range.   Gifts that will continue to resonate with whom ever you give them to long after you’ve gone home! 

The first thing on the list is one of our all time favorite Nest candle and diffuser scents aptly called "Holiday."    

They are wonderfully fragrant and a gift that everyone loves to receive.   This might be one of those items that you purchase and say to yourself... "one for me, one for you."   If a candle seems a little plain, add a brass plate to the mix for a simple, usable and beautiful gift.

In general, try to avoid bringing fresh flowers as a gift for a party or gathering.     Odds are that the decor for the event or evening has already been created.   Instead wrap up one of our decorative florals or a beautiful little vase.    All three of the items below are less than $35 each.    

We also have wonderful decorative boxes in all shapes and sizes.     Who doesn't love a chic place to stash keys and other small valuables?  They are wonderful additions to a cocktail table story!   

Gentlemen seem to like decorative boxes as well.   My dad was fascinated with them.  As a kid, I would always find small little things that he cherished carefully hidden inside these kind of beauties.    

Coffee table books also make wonderful gifts.    Few things look more sophisticated in a home than having a few beautiful books stacked with a favorite accessory on top.     

My favorite gift item (and this one is a little more than my $100 or less budget) are all of the natural stones that we currently have in the store. This heart shaped blue tanzanite crystal is so calming and soothing.   I can't explain the joy I always feel when I see something that is a natural beauty.    And stones like this are also thought to be good luck in a home.

On the same theme of giving, it's time for K. Renee to kick off our 3rd annual Holiday Home Transformation Giveaway. And we NEED your help.

As many of you know, we believe there is power and healing in living life beautifully especially as it relates to spending time in your home.   K. Renee is beyond blessed with another year full of successes and our way of celebrating is to share our talents (specifically, a home transformation) with a special someone, family or a non-profit organization that supports families.

In 2014, we had the pleasure of serving and surprising a very special and deserving family.

And in 2015, once again the entire K. Renee team rallied to create a new living space for a special woman that spends her days serving others. It was our turn to serve her!

Two of my favorite blogs to write each year are about the details of these amazing transformations!!!   If you want to see more pictures of each, you can click on these links to read the whole story:

2014 Holiday Story, Part One

2014 Holiday Story, Part Two

2015 Holiday Story, Part One

2015 Holiday Story, Part Two

So, you might be asking, how does this work? After receiving nominations for a person or group that you consider to be deserving of a room transformation, a group of K. Renee customers will select the 2016 recipient. Our team will then swoop in (before December 25, 2016) with all the talent, furniture and accessories needed to create a beautiful space for the person or group that we will serve this year.

Please take a moment to think about a special family, person or cause that could really benefit from a beautiful and uplifting space. Can’t think of anyone? Please share this blog on Facebook or by email to friends and family that may have a great suggestions for us.

The process is is easy for nominations. Just email with a 200-500 (or more) essay about this amazing person or group you have in mind. The deadline for nominations is December 1st.

Despite all the chaos that is swirling all around us, focusing our energy on acts of kindness and ways to give back is so much better for the heart and soul.   I'm in the mood for a season of giving!     

Here is to a week for the records, right?