The Worst Mistake

January 11, 2021
If you are feeling a little anxious or stuck about updating your home, I understand. I've been in your shoes. I've had a home where I needed to make changes and for the longest time I stayed in the same spot (or space) for one single reason.


The fear of making a mistake.

What if I hated the paint color I chose?

What if I bought the wrong couch?

What if there was something better around the corner?



The fear of making a mistake is our worst mistake.  It is the one thing that truly prevents us from having the home (or life) that we have always wanted. 
In the grand scheme of things. we have to ask ourselves what is the worst thing that can happen?    We'd have to repaint? 


As we know, the worst that can happen is so much more than paint, couches or unseen options. I've learned that it is simply a matter of putting these kinds of decisions in a different perspective. There are no absolutes in this thing called life and home décor. And there are so many wonderful and just right options for you and your home. It is simply a matter of moving forward.  


So you're ready to move, now what? 

I want you to wander around your home tonight and take an assessment.   How do you feel in each room?    Think about the kinds of comments that you make to yourself about the most important rooms in your home. 


If you feel unsettled or that something is just not right, it might be the perfect room to tackle. 
I am certainly not a Feng Shui expert, but we do believe in its teachings -- that our physical space can affect our mood and our life.   I can vouch.   It does!   And at K. Renee, we always try to keep these core principles in mind when transforming a room into a peaceful, happy and productive space. 


As you wander around your own home, think about a few important Feng Shui principles... 



There is something about clutter that is stressful. Once a year about this time, I rent a dumpster which is really quite economical.  And I purge.  I am always amazed at the things that are accumulated even over the course of a year.  It is exhilarating to declutter and only left with the things that I really need and want. 



Get rid of those papers you don't need, clothes you haven't worn in a decade, accessories that are collecting dust, furniture that has past its due. Recycle, donate, give it away! This one step will make a HUGE difference in updating your home.   


Furniture Placement 


Most people put everything against the wall when it comes to furniture placement.   This can create negative energy and a lot of unused space.   Furniture can also float in a room, creating intimate conversation and living areas.




A nice mix of traditional and modern profiles and textures create a peaceful and relaxing setting.


The rule of thumb is to think outside the box and don't decorate in the most obvious way.  Since energy should always flow, you don't have to make everything so symmetrical all the time. Creating balance is more important than symmetry.   Mix furniture and decor with a wide range of variety, vintages, and textures.




Don't be afraid to play with your furniture arrangement and create several different spaces within your room.


The Power of Light 

Light is one of the most important aspects when it comes to achieving harmony and balance in your home. How does natural light flow in your home?



Natural light fills this lovely room.

Although curtains can provide privacy and coziness, just make sure they are not keeping the light out when you want and need it! 

Need more natural light?   As you've probably noticed at the store, we love to use mirrors in our decor.    I especially like this one... 




Mirrors are a great way to bring both natural light and depth into a room; they reflect and emphasize a great view, they are like a decorative window that you can move around as you like! 


What about your light fixtures?   Are they adding to your decor or just happen to be there?   A chandelier, in any room, makes a big statement in a minimal amount of space. If you have a larger open plan, it can add some character or help define a space.



A great light fixture can make the smallest of rooms come alive in a majestic way! 


One of the simplest of Feng Shui principles to follow is to. 

Uplift your Home Environment with Scent 

It's such a subtle thing but it has a huge impact on our mood. We are always burning a candle in both of our stores and we do that to not only lift our mood but yours! I always love walking into a space and being hit with a pleasant smell (think warm chocolate chip cookies.) 


So, what are we burning these days? Grapefruit from Nest. This classic candle features the iconic scent’s exhilarating blend of pink pomelo grapefruit and watery green notes with lily of the valley and coriander blossom.

For that extra kick of inspiration, start lighting more candles throughout your home or adding fresh and fragrant floral arrangements or natural greens to your home! It might be a small start, but none-the-less, a start. 


What will be your next move?   Take a close look at your space and remove anything that you just don't like (negative energy) and focus on adding things that uplift your spirit (positive energy).   After all, your home is your sanctuary!