One Part Knowledge, One Part Self Confidence

August 31, 2017

I've talked about the word style a lot in my blog. Over the past several years, I have written about 250 blogs. And I would dare say, that I mention the word (on average) about four times a blog. 1000+ times of using the word style to describe something that is so important to myself, my K. Renee team and, I believe, you.


A couple of blogs ago, I mentioned that K. Renee’s one thing (that we really do for our clients) is STYLE.  As i pondered this 'oh so' important word the other day, I think that I have had a difficult time expressing the real value and benefit of our ONE THING.   

Style isn’t about products, price, age, or size.   So, just what is it?   This elusive thing we call style.  I thought I would do some research and found just what I was looking for...Psychology Today defines it as:

One part knowledge + one part self confidence = STYLE


In other words, style is an attitude, an expression of our character and our spirit.

Great style is attitude

Yet there is another element of style and that is the clothes that we choose and the home furnishings that we place in our home. But the hard truth is that it IS possible to have a house full of furniture or a closet full of clothes and not have a bit of style to show for it.

How could that be?   And more importantly, what can you do about it.

At K. Renee we believe that style is a celebration of your individuality.   Where fashion and trend is more about what the mass says is cool to wear or to have in your home.  Having great style actually exposes the false idea that there is one perfect body or look for all women.   

 Diane Keaton Great Style



No one can argue that Diane Keaton doesn’t have great style.    Her style isn’t for everyone but it is just right for her.   It also show us that a home can be perfectly stylish however big, small, old or new it is.   

Beautifully styled home in West Des Moines  

Style glorifies that we are all different. And style will always delight us.  The possibilities for beauty and originality are limitless.   If the formula is One part knowledge + one part self confidence = STYLE, then our job as the stylists of K. Renee is to provide our clients with knowledge and to help you see all of your possibilities.

Help clients see possibilities

We know that your home has its own potential to create a look that is unique, fresh and appealing.   And to be an expression of your own character and spirit.  We also know that great style gives every woman (and man too)  a way to express themselves without having to say a word.   

Confidence through style 

Our goal is always to make sure that your personal style communicates that you are on top of things - and everything is either great or will be great again in your world.  

As the speed of our world continues to increase, one of the fastest ways to tell people who you are is by your style.   Personally, I need the gifts that style has brought me more than you might think.    I can sometimes be painfully awkward in social situations and if I didn’t have my style card to show...I am not sure how I could have persevered through the years.  

 Entertaining in Clive

I now love having people to my home because it is styled in a way that I am so proud. It gives me a sense of joy and confidence that I have never experienced in any other home that I have ever lived.   And I did not hone my style alone. Although I have a strong sense of my personal style, I have not always been able to pull it together on my own.    I needed a style team which is just what I found when I walked through the doors of K. Renee over 17 years ago.  It has impacted my life in such a positive way.

When you ponder your own style...are you happy with it? Does it convey who you are? Or is your style stuck in the past, a throwback to who you used to be? Do you want to change it? If so, what do you need to do?

When you have an electrical problem, you contact an electrician. When you have a plumbing problem, you find a plumber.  And when you are having style issues, you seek out the...

Best Style Team|K. Renee

That is our ONE THING.  We passionately love creating style solutions.  Most of you already know many of our styling team and I wanted to introduce you to our newest addition.

Meet Lisa Wood


 Lisa Wood, home stylist

I asked her a few questions so you might get to know her a bit better.

Julie: Lisa, tell us a little about yourself?

modern luxury ChicagoLisa: My husband and I recently relocated to Waukee after living in Chicago for four years. In Chicago I worked in the production department at Modern Luxury, a publisher of preeminent lifestyle magazines across the United States. Besides my love of all things style, in my free time I love to do hot yoga and ride bikes with my husband. When it comes time to relax, I love to curl up with my cat Dexter and a big stack of magazines.

Julie: Why is style so is important to you?



Lisa: Style is such a special thing because it is so personal. I use my personal style as a way to tell my story and there is nothing I love more than spotting someone on the street that I can tell has the same idea. You can tell by the way they carry themselves... there is a certain confidence, and it is so contagious!

Real Style

Julie: How has style helped you in your career or life.

Lisa: For me, style brings confidence and positivity into my life, both personally and professionally. The first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning is what I am going to wear. I am NOT a morning person, but the excitement of building a great outfit for the day is what gets me out of bed. I find inspiration visually, so picking out a stellar outfit in the morning really sets a positive tone for my day. Same goes for style in my home, when I feel inspired by my surroundings I lead a happier, more fulfilled life.

Your home should tell a story

Julie: I know that styling homes is your passion.   Can you tell me why?  

Lisa: As I came into my 20s, I developed a focused  passion for interior styling. I found myself gravitating towards home publications and blogs rather than fashion magazines. Just like personal style, the way you style your home really tells your story to your guests and most importantly provides a beautiful backdrop for your daily life. I know how much joy my own home brings to me, so I am ecstatic to be the newest member of the K. Renee team, where helping people live life beautifully is at the core of what we do!

So as you ponder your own personal style or the style that is currently residing in your home, we hope that you know it is our goal to provide you with all of the knowledge that you might need and offer a valuable, unique and personalized style experience.  

We promise you’ll be inspired!

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