The Stylish Home Office

February 28, 2016

By Gina Ross

One of the things that we've noticed at the home store and in recent trend reports is that having a functional home office space is becoming the rule rather than the exception. That being said, if you work at home (and you likely do) then you owe it to yourself to set up an office space where you won’t mind getting your work done… or better yet a space that you actually enjoy spending time in.

Perhaps you have an extra room that provides you with a spacious office or simply have a small nook somewhere in your home.  Either way, it’s important to feel inspired when you sit down and get to work and we, at K. Renee Home, believe that your office should not only compliment your home but reflect your personal style. After all, you may be spending hours in this important room.


Is your office going to be your primary workspace or secondary? Do you need additional seating for meetings with clients or co-workers? Are other family members going to be using this space? What are your technology needs? Will you need to shut the door when making calls or needing to concentrate?

In many homes, there is an obvious space for a home office.  But if not, consider a spare bedroom or a dedicated space in the basement.  If you are working from your home full time, don’t treat this critical space as an after-thought… give it the importance that your work deserves.

And now for the fun part…


I bet a dark and oversized wood desk is popping in your mind right now. Just about every home office that I’ve seen in the last twenty years ends up with something like this….

The good news is that you have all sorts of OTHER functional, yet beautiful desk options for your home office.    Find a desk that you truly love and that suits your needs and personality.

A built-in desk is another option and several of our clients have successfully transformed their home office from cluttered to chic and cozy.


No, you don’t need to go out and buy a stern executive chair with wheels and that tilt back and forth. Not unless your goal is to scold your kids.

But good seating is a MUST. You’re likely going to be sitting at your desk for long periods of time so you want the right support combined with the right style. Find a chair that suits your personality and will motivate you to settle in for the extended hours needed for work.


The last thing that you want IN your home office is the chaos that clutter can bring to your sanctuary.  This is the place where you need to be at your best and focus on what is important. Fortunately, we have lots of creative and aesthetically pleasing storage options just waiting to help you achieve both beauty and order.


Working from home certainly offers a lot of great benefits. One of them being the avoidance of commercial office florescent lighting.

You won’t miss the humming, the flickering brightness and the fact that these not so attractive lights make us look not so attractive.

Instead, take advantage of any natural light, and any view, by placing your desk close to a nearby window.

Even if you can take advantage of great natural light, you will still need additional lighting. You can show your personality with a great chandelier over your desk or with table and floor lamps. There are so many attention-grabbing fixtures and we always have a great selection ready and waiting for the right home or office.


Another advantage of having a home office is the ability to create another cozy corner in your home. This can be a great place for you (or your family members) to put up your feet and relax. What could be more motivating than moving away from your desk and curling up in a comfortable chair or sofa when reading those scintillating work documents? 

You can also showcase a beautiful piece of art in your workspace providing you a little extra inspiration when you need a nudge of creativity.

The bottom line is to not settle for a home office that looks like it belongs in an office building or one that doesn’t constantly remind you of the successful person that you are. Don’t underestimate the importance of this space. Many of us spend around 100,000 hours behind a desk over the course of our work life.

And who wants to invest that kind of time and have to spend it in dull surroundings?  Not me!  Instead, give yourself the gift of a place that is both inspiring and motivating!