January 20, 2020

If I had to pick one thing that could make the greatest difference in extending my current would be the statement necklace.  

It has the power to elevate an entire outfit - whether that be a daytime or evening look.  It is a powerful piece that gives you - and your existing wardrobe - added strength!   

With a fabulous statement necklace...wearing a simple shirt with jeans all of the sudden becomes interesting and chic.


Suitings become special rather than tired and expected.

Or suddenly a simple black dress in your closet becomes black-tie worthy.  



It is pretty much like magic!  Why else do I like them so much?


They add instant color, texture or sparkle.

Anything neutral in your closet is a perfect backdrop to a great necklace.  This one piece alone can add a great dose of interest to many outfits in your closet. If your wardrobe has a lot of neutrals like black, white, beige, grey or navy, accessorizing gives you a chance to give your outfits some pop.

They turn casual into chic.

Necklaces are like the easy button of fashion.    You can throw something simple together that is nothing to write home about and simply add a great necklace to make the entire outfit memorable.  

They are great conversation starters.

I promise those around you will notice a beautiful neck piece which many times garners special interest and comments.    We all want to reach out to each other and nothing makes it easier than to give someone a compliment about something special they are wearing.

They draw attention to your face.

This beautiful detail has the power to brighten up your face in the best of ways.   It draws the eye up - which is what we all want. A great statement necklace helps you create a fun outfit that you love (and that doesn’t overpower you) allowing your best self to shine through.  Statement necklaces are universally flattering!!!


We know all of this to be true which is why we have a 3-day jewelry event starting this Wednesday through next Saturday featuring neck pieces we know you will love!   


We have about 40 statement necklaces (you are seeing just a few in this blog) that might be just the thing your closet needs for a little pick me up.    Haven't decided what you are wearing to the several black tie-events that are right around the corner?



A great statement necklace might be just the trick.   

There are only 1 of each...and they be available on Wednesday morning (first come, first serve) and be available through the end of day on Saturday (or until we have no more.)   So, come play with us!!

Be bold, be dramatic, make a statement!