The Overlooked WOW Layer

July 10, 2016

Have you ever walked into one of your rooms and thought…”This room is just kinda flat.  Something is missing." Perhaps the answer lies in the The Overlooked WOW layer.

In my humble opinion, the most under utilized and most impactful layer in a home is area rugs which always adds a much needed punch of texture.

Rugs Add Texture & Pattern

Why is this vital layer of texture so important?    Because it not only appeals to our perceived sense of touch (think about the soft feel of a carpet or rug on your toes) but creates a sense of visual interest and depth. Both of these elements (texture & pattern) are critical components to creating a visually pleasing room so its really important to incorporate both instead of choosing one over the other.

Rugs add Visual Weight

Rugs throughout your home (whether you have hardwood, tile or installed carpet) will add visual weight to a room especially when you are feeling it's missing something. We know that the colors you choose can affect the way a room looks and feels.  Strong elements of texture and pattern do the same thing.

Rugs provide Balance

Contrast in a room is an essential element when it comes to creating a comfortable and complete space. This essential WOW layer creates great balance and a soothing source of visual interest. If everything in your room is either too similar or drastically different, your eye will have a difficult time focusing on the room itself. 

A rug with heavy texture works nicely to create some much needed interest when you are trying to create a monochromatic color scheme.

While a patterned rug can bring a ton of depth to a room.

So What About The Size?

In dining rooms, your goal would be to have a rug large enough so the legs of your dining room chairs rest on the rug. An 8' by 11' or a 9' by 12' usually does the trick.

For dining rooms, it can be a good idea to add a rush with a distinct pattern. This room is often dominated with a large wooden table and chairs, so the pattern will give the room some much needed interest (and can also hide any food stains.)

In living rooms, you generally want a rug that at least allows the front legs of all of your furniture in the seating area to be placed on the carpet.

In your living room, it's going to be about balance. If your room has some elements with a heavy pattern, you might choose a rug with a solid color.  If most of the room is monochromatic, think about a patterned rug to add some interest.

In bedrooms, the majority of the rug will be under your bed...but not completely.

What a waste it would be to put a beautifully patterned rug completely under your bed for the dust bunnies to enjoy.   You could also use a patterned hide to create an additional layer of texture and pattern.


Age Old Question: Can You Lay an Area Rug on Carpet?

Heck yes. Only one aspect of an area rug is function. The most important feature it offers is being a beautiful WOW layer that provides an important design element in most any room in your home.

This small office at the front of the home is a great example.   As you walk through the front door of the home, you get a glimpse of this fun polka dot grey and white rug.   And as you are drawn into this inspiring work space, the rug works beautifully placed on top of wall-to-wall carpet.

We believe in this amazing overlooked WOW layer so much that we continue to expand our selection of rug options. As a matter of fact, we installed a new rug display in our showroom and we now have the broadest selection of beautiful area rugs (that are in stock and ready to be taken home) in the Des Moines Metro area.

We take our love of rugs seriously and visit home and textile markets no less than four times a year.   A great deal of our time is spent touching, feeling and falling in love with the rugs and hides that we currently have available.

Believe me...There are very few rooms that we complete to our satisfaction and yours that don’t include this important design element.

Perhaps you already have a few area rugs in your home. Great!  You have already headed in the right direction.  But there will come a time when you feel the need for a small update. Changing your rugs is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact on a small budget!

In this basement, the only thing we did to give it a fresh look was to replace an old worn out rug with a patterned (and more modern) rug.   Add a cozy throw and a few new pillows and you have a new room. Easy!

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P.S.  You are invited to our celebration next week!   Live music, cocktails, appetizers and a chance to check out our new design center and all the exciting new possibilities for your home and your wardrobe.