The Other Side of Shopping Your Closet

September 28, 2020

When asked, the majority of our customers state that Fall is their favorite clothing season!   Ours too.    The sweaters, layers, boots...oh my.



For the past seven months, I have heard folks saying that they are “shopping their closets.”    While I believe it is a very good thing to have fun in your closet by mixing and matching different pieces to create new fabulous looks, I throw out a few thoughts about the other side to consider.

Each fall and winter, I tend to gravitate toward those clothing items that give me that “effortless dressing” feeling and make me feel great.   Yet, over time some of my favorites start feeling old and worn.   I have certainly gotten great use out of them!   And while I may wear these pieces again this fall and winter, my level of joy at wearing them diminishes.    In order to not get the blah’s in my own closet, I think it’s important to add a few new versatile pieces to the line up giving my closet a fresh new joyful feel!   

It could be sweaters, boots, a great dress, a fresh pair of jeans, a belt, or fabulous earrings.   



I’m going to be really transparent and tell you that my weight and body have changed over the last ten years.  More than I care to admit (mostly to myself.) And as much as I dislike is my current reality.    I tend to hang on to a lot of things in my closet for the day when I get back to my past normal.    Items that I had when I was 40, 50, 55.   Gosh darn it, I am going to try to get there...but I refuse to punish myself for something that may never happen.   I need to look good, today, as I am.    And if that means sizing up to do it, I will.    No shame.  Even at a few pounds heavier, I still got it going on.   

Shopping your closet full of clothes that don’t really fit well can destroy your self-confidence.   Clothes that aren’t right for our current body doesn't feel good. And feeling good is a daily essential.

I  hear women way too often say, “I am not going to get anything new until…”  That kind of self-punishment doesn’t do a thing for our personal mojo.   Every body-shape out there can look like a million bucks, dressed in clothes that fit well and work with our proportions.

Here are some of my favorite 'feel good' looks for the Fall season...






Lovely!   It's important to keep in mind that our clothing serves a higher purpose than function as it helps us all express our moods, lift our spirits and confidence.  Seems to me that we could all use an extra dose joy as we head into Fall/Winter 2020!


Have a fabulous week,





On a side note, we get asked all the time WHERE to donate gently-used furnishings when clients are looking to make a change in their own home. This might be something to consider: 



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