The ONE thing

July 29, 2017

The ONE thing that we don't do often enough with our team at K. Renee is just enjoy the moment and the company of each other outside of our main gig at work. So to celebrate where we have been and to talk about where we are going, Kelli, Jeff and I decided to throw a little dinner party (at the last minute) after work on this past Wednesday evening.  

Life is always a little crazy here and as much as we wish we had a week to plan our little soiree...the only preplanning that we did was to hire an amazing personal chef to cook us dinner.   The decor and ambiance was just something that we were going to have to pull together on the day of the event.    Priorities, right?   Four days before our dinner, I called one of our favorites, Cyd's Catering.   Not only is Cyd Koehn a great chef, but a customer of ours as well (#localloveslocal).   Her culinary career spans an eclectic variety of cities, kitchens, dishes, and awards.

Luckily with such short notice, she was available.   I gave her the amount per person that we wanted to spend and we gave her a few dietary restrictions for a few of our team members (onion and gluten free) and told her to come up with a menu!     What she sent me the next day sounded delicious.

With the heat outside lately and the threat of rain, we decided to hold our team dinner in our design center.    Of course, we couldn't use the store table and the boys ran over to my house and borrowed my 121" reclaimed wood table, upholstered chairs, and 10 stack-able acrylic chairs that I use for my own dinner celebrations.

Now it was up to Kelli and her style crew  (on the day of the dinner)  to make some magic and create a special environment for a special team.   I will tell you that we get "why do you make such a big deal out of it?" (especially from the boys.  LOL.)     "Isn't food and a table with chairs enough to throw a dinner party?"    Yes, it is.   (Yawn.)


But if you really want your guests (or our team) to feel like they have been treated to something special and is worth a little time to make your dinner go from pleasant to something that will be remembered.   

The good news is that is doesn't have to take weeks or days to pull this off.   Just a little creativity and a few hours.    We wanted the vibe of the evening to be casual elegance and something that would be easy for anyone to accomplish.

So, we grabbed some things we already happened to have...

  • A collection of white plates, wine glasses, napkins, and silverware
  • Tea Lights
  • Shearlings for the Acrylic Chairs (for a little extra comfort)


And found a few things that were easy to find that would help us take our special dinner to the next level...


  • Florals (Roses and Hydrangeas), Seeded Eucalyptus and decorative branches
  • White netting and hula hoops (yes, hula hoops)
  • Printed Menu's (done on my computer and at work a couple of hours before the event.)

That's it.

 Probably the most complicated thing we did was create a natural chandelier using the hula hoop as the frame and netting as the body.     Once constructed, we simply wrapped some beautiful Seeded Eucalyptus around the frame.    Voila... Natural beauty and a great way to add a special dimension to a space. 

We also asked Whitney from Ivory House Photography to come and take great photos of the dinner so that we would have some great pictures to show you and hopefully help inspire your next gathering!

I think our finished look for our dining area was fabulous!   What do you think?



















As soon as the store closed, our team started gathering.    We also brought to the floor some of our personal outdoor furniture so everyone would have a place to sit and enjoy each other while waiting for everyone to arrive! 


We even had the opportunity to introduce our newest team member, Lisa Wood, who comes to us from Chicago and will join our home stylist team.  It was also the perfect time to simply catch up and enjoy each others company.



Once all of our team arrived, it was time to try out the amazing spread of food that Cyd's Catering provided for us!   Not only did she cook for us but made the food look as lovely as it tasted.
































Yum, right?    It was both delicious and healthy. 



 With food in hand and a beautiful setting, the only thing left to do was make a toast to the team that we cherish and that spend their days making our dreams come true.   




The rest of the evening was filled with good conversation...



And ONE last thing...    




We ended the evening talking about the ONE thing that K. Renee does that makes the biggest difference.   The ONE thing for us is STYLE.  While our stores are full of the most beautiful home furnishings and clothes, it is really our ability to style your home or style your closet that makes the biggest impact.    If you feel short on style in your home, it is our job to help you create interiors that are more beautiful than you could have imagined on your own.   If you feel short on personal style, it is our job to help you create looks and outfits that fit, flatter and make you feel like the best version of yourself.    

 The one thing we are charged with in our business is to offer our customers the best styling experience in Des Moines and Iowa.     It is our ONE thing.