The New Simple

September 20, 2015

I recently read an article about “The New Simple”… how to shop and decorate your way to a calmer life and home.       I love that!     It talked about how the pursuit of simplicity is often thought of as a reduction of things…some kind of grand sacrifice of the products and services that might just bring us some much needed joy.      

Instead, the “New Simple” is about ensuring that everything in your life and your home is considered and beautiful.   We absolutely agree with this "New Simple" philosophy and used it to create the K. Renee simple rules for living life beautifully.

So what are we are we simply loving this fall?   I asked a few of our team members to show me the one or two things in either of our stores that might be on their personal wish list this fall…

Kelli quickly pointed out this zebra inspired cowhide that just arrived at the store. When I asked why, she said she thought that this one piece could easily bring any room in a home to life.   Throw this great fall texture on your floors or on the end of your bed and instantly refresh your home for the season ahead.

She was also quick to tell me about the cream ivory shearling vest that just arrived in our clothing store.   What a beautiful way to warm up on a chilly fall day by wearing this luxurious vest over a simple top and jeans or over a favorite fall dress.


Dana has been talking non-stop about the Tibetan fur throws that are now gracing the floor at the home store.    Can you just imagine how comfortable you would be relaxing at home wrapped up with this soft, luxurious and beautiful throw on a chilly day.   This particular grey fur is cloud soft and kid friendly!

On that same note of luxurious comfort, Rachel is loving chunky sweaters that just arrived from Augden.   These oversized hand knit sweaters are known to be softer than cashmere and are some of the best fall sweaters that we have seen!

What is Gina loving?     A great bedding story and she is particularly fond of the washable velvet layering blankets that grace this bed.     I can personally vouch for their easy care.    I have two big dogs that like to cuddle up with me which means the bedding needs to be frequently washed.     I love it that I can have practicality and beauty bundled into one.

Stacie is trying to imagine a place in her home for this new ultra cool matte leather lounge.    It is designed with geometric simplicity in mind.   The cushions in the lounge are movable.   Here, we have the large cushion in the center to create duel seating...

Or it can be move to the end to create an entirely different lounge.   Such a great piece!  

Susy can't stop talking about this new Stuart Weitzman tan suede over-the-knee boot with fringe detail.    Fabulous, fashionable and pure fall fun!    I am secretly and simply loving this boot too!     Bring on the cold weather.

What else have I been loving?    Each time I walk through the home store, I stop in front of this little pull up sofa table.    

I think it's the perfect place to set a glass of my favorite wine at the end of a long day.     Hmmm, it might just be time to pull the trigger.   What do you think?

There is so much more that I would love to share... but you'll just have to stop by and see for yourself.     Remember, the new simple is to surround yourself with the things that you love... the things that bring life to yourself and to your home.     

And while we are on the subject of beautiful... please consider joining us for the Lafayette 148 Fall Trunk show at our clothing store this coming Thursday through Saturday.   I think you will be inspired!

Have a wonderful week.   Make it beautiful and make it count!