The most intriguing thing...

May 11, 2020

Our doors are open!

And it has been lovely to see some of you already!  Our interactions are and will be different, yes, but our sanctuary-like ambiance and scenes of inspiration feel soothing, calm, and hopeful. Consider visiting us for a dose of much-needed zen.


I am grateful that our vast showroom allows for as much distance as you want when you stop for a visit. Our capacity is somewhere around 500 individuals in all of our suites, and I can assure you that (even at 50% capacity) will never happen.  We always prefer a intimate atmosphere, one-on-one interactions (now, six feet away.)


You might be asking, are we wearing masks? We can if that is what you prefer. All you need to do is let us know what makes you comfortable.   

Our hours are going to change slightly from now through the rest of the summer. We will be open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. If you would rather visit us for a private appointment, we can arrange that for you any morning, evening, or day. We are here for you. 

Of course, we will continue to offer curbside pickup, shipping, and glimpses of home and wardrobe possibilities through our social media, videos, and web site. We are thrilled (beyond thrilled) that we can open up our showroom for those of you who need a new view in your home or closet. We are also delighted to be reunited with our amazing team as we all deep dive into our charge of creating inspirational home spaces and wardrobes that promises a new and better day.   

We have missed you, that is for sure! During our time away, we would have normally sent you a Spring postcard with a little gift. Instead of waiting the week and a half that it would take to mail a it is now.    


Starting tomorrow, you may take $100 off your purchase of $250 or more toward your in-store clothing or home purchases!  


One of the most intriguing things about the new normal we are experiencing is the very intimate view into each other’s lives as cameras become a staple in our homes. Just turn on the TV, and you can now see inside the homes of journalists, celebrities, politicians, and everyday people.


I bet you too are virtually conferencing for work and pleasure. All of the sudden lots and lots of people are entering your personal space and getting a peek at who you are at home.


I would say that is very revealing, right? Yet, we all want to display hope, confidence, and credibility. I have a few tips for you to consider to help you put your best virtual foot forward.


Tip One: Make sure to get light on your face



Nothing makes us look worse than when we are dimly lit from the front. Your largest light source should always be in front of you. So face the window or turn on a lamp.







Tip Two: Raise your camera or computer



Your table or desk is lower than your eye-level.  And it is not very flattering to look down at the camera.You need to be directly looking at it, eye to eye.  Raise your computer by setting it on a decorative box or a stack of large books like the ones I have pictured.    










Tip Three: Don’t sit too close to the camera


The cameras on our computers are wide-angle. The closer you are to it, the more your face will be distorted. So move back! 



Tip Four: Present yourself as if you were meeting in person


It is still essential to look your best from your waist up (even if you are wearing comfy sweats.) And that means taking the time to put your makeup on, doing your hair, and donning a favorite blouse or top from your wardrobe.


A print top like this one works excellent on camera or a blouse with a bit of color. Don’t forget the power of a great necklace or earring.   



Tip Five: Make your background pleasing



You want to keep your backdrop pleasant, simple, and styled. Too much clutter or things in the background will look chaotic and stressful.   A bookshelf with a few beautiful accessories or a great piece of artwork tends to be the most visually appealing and least distracting virtual background.









It’s a new day.   As Eleanor Roosevelt once said,

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."  


Make it a great one.