The Miracle of Spring

April 21, 2014
I am always impressed by the miracle of spring. It never ceases to give me great joy when I see the leaves emerging from their winter hibernation. Nature reminds us that renewal is vital to our lives.
When I got off work last Saturday, the weather was perfect! I decided that it was time to renew my outdoor space!   My deck is right off of my kitchen and gathering room.   When the weather is nice it really becomes an extension of my entertaining area.   Since I had family coming over on Easter Sunday, it was time to bring it back to life! So, I got a second wind and hauled out all of my outdoor furniture and got to work!   By the end of the night, my deck was ready (although I still have work to do!) for family the next day.

It felt great to get all my furniture out of storage and back on my deck!

We found this awesome titanium and white outdoor furniture at market awhile back and both Kelli and I have several pieces. There are three components; a corner chair, chair and ottoman.


We have several sets this same patio furniture on order. I expect them to be delivered to K. Renee Home in the next couple of weeks. 

From these three components, you can arrange the seating into several different intimate, conversational groups. We have even combined our pieces and used them for an outdoor wedding reception.  Not only beautiful, but versatile and durable!  

IMG 9530
This turned out to be a fun way to utilize the lawn space at an outdoor event. I plan on doing something similar in my yard next weekend for my daughters prom pictures.

With spring and summer heading our way full of family events and graduations, it might be time for you to think about a few ideas to update your own outdoor space. If you already have the right outdoor furniture and are just looking for a quick update, try adding layers of texture. 

It can be as simple as adding some ferns and planters to your outdoor living area.  

I love how fresh the deck looks with the white furniture and all of the greens!

Or why not add some all weather pillows? If I were to tell you one simple way to give your outdoor décor an instant makeover, I would say to add a few striped pillows!


We have black/white and grey/white striped pillows that just arrived at the store that range between $52 to $65 each.

And adding an indoor/outdoor rug can make a big difference. It not only can help you define a seating area but adds a new level of elegance and comfort. These rugs are great outdoors and simply require hosing them down to clean them up. 


8 by 10 indoor/outdoor rug - $850

I hope you enjoyed this past weekend as much as I did.   It's always wonderful to spend time with family and friends. 


We put my outdoor area to good use on Sunday! A perfect place to recover from all of our over eating!

Spring is finally here!   As nature continues to remind me, each day is a new beginning. 


Until next week.