The Man Cave

June 6, 2015

With Father’s Day upon us I thought it might be fitting to talk about something the men in our lives might enjoy!


“A man cave is a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement.   The man cace is a metaphor describing a room inside the house where "guys can do as they please" without fear of upsetting any female sensibility about house decor or design.  While the women may have substantial authority over a whole house in terms of design and decoration, she generally has no say about what gets "mounted on the walls" of a man's personal space. 

It is important for a man to have a place to call his own.   Some psychologists claim that a man cave can provide refuge from stressful surroundings and even be beneficial to marriage. 

A man cave is about establishing an identity.    Our premise is that women have control of the "look and feel" of their home and sometimes the guys feel left out.    Anybody who has a specific interest or hobby or work or collection is going to want a space to indulge that.”

Adapted from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What is it about a Man Cave that gives the gentlemen energy and makes them enthusiastic about this space?    From my personal experience and speaking to other Man Cave owners,   I have compiled a list of why the guys want a Man Cave:

•To watch 'the game' with friends
•To unwind and relax
•To have a fully stocked bar for drinking with the guys
•To enjoy hobby and games
•To play with technology gaming or gadgets
•To have a place to express his identity
•To display prize possessions
•To enjoy a cigar
•To watch loud action movies or comedies

There are also some misperceptions about the Man Cave that I want to clear up...

  • The women of the house really are allowed in the Man Cave.
  • The men do not neglect household duties when they have a Man Cave.
  • Women do not actually hate a Man Cave... especially when it is well done.
  • The Man Cave does not take away from family time.    It really doesn't... look how many fun things typically take place in this activity based space.   A perfect spot for family time!

I personally gave into the Man Cave when we built our new home.  I wanted to be supportive of a special place my husband, Travis, could be proud of and call his own.      He is a huge Iowa State fan and has several pieces he has collected over the years.    I knew it would mean a lot to him to have a place he could showcase these things and have a firm say in how it ultimately looked and felt.

As I was picking out the finishes for the upper level of our home,  Travis was constantly looking at pictures of Man Caves.     This picture was one of his inspirations...

Travis wanted his Man Cave to reflect his passion for ISU, be very comfortable but sophisticated.   He decided early on that he wanted swivel chairs and we ended up using four of them as a lounge set up in the bar portion of his Man Cave. 

We looked at several pictures for inspiration and  decided that we should build a custom display unit specifically for his special collector pieces.   We were so pleased with how great it turned out! 

My husband’s man cave is split up into two conversation areas with two 60" TV’s. We have a sectional in one area and lounge seating in another. This provides plenty of seating for all the guys when there is a game to watch. 

Yes, we do it all here at K. Renee and we would love to pull together and surprise your honey with a special Man Cave transformation for this upcoming Father’s day!     Here are some pieces currently on the showroom floor that I think would be exceptional pieces for a Man Cave...

These leather chairs are not only masculine they are exceptionally comfortable! 

I love both of these vignettes! I can see these pieces in the lower level of a home creating an inviting and comfortable seating area to watch a game or a great movie with the family.

These side tables in the dark finish would be a great addition to a cigar lounge or wine bar.

Swivel chairs allow for great function when you have a large open concept room. The rich charcoal fabric lends itself to the more masculine side. 

There are many types of man caves depending on your hobby or room of choice.    Maybe your Man Cave reflects his love for fine wines or his affinity for cigars.     I love this photo of a sophisticated cigar lounge.   I think I would enjoy spending time in this room! 


Or this Man Cave that showcases his love for playing the guitar.   It really is a room the entire family can enjoy but your man would be especially proud of!

Whatever his passion or hobby,  our team at K. Renee would love to help make a dream come true.   It was just this past May that we completed a beautiful Mother’s Day home transformation from a husband to his beautiful wife.    It was such an honor to be a part of such a special surprise!     

Please let us know how we might be able to help make this Father’s Day special for you!