The Making of a Beautiful Bed

June 2, 2014
It’s important to me to have a bedroom that I want to escape to not escape from. I love a beautiful bed that is warm and inviting. However, I have spent the majority of my adult life trying to figure out how to do just that! For some reason creating a beautiful bed stumped me for years. I would find myself continuing to buy ‘sets’ of new bedding in hopes I would achieve the desired outcome.

All my efforts left me feeling unsatisfied until I finally learned the simple trick from Kelli. Layering.

We have lots of beautiful bedding at K. Renee Home but instead of having matched sets we have a selection of coordinating layers that allow you (or us if you would like) to create a custom, comfortable and elegant look for all of your bedrooms (like the one below).

I decided the best way to show you about layering and the ease of creating a masterful bed, was to have Stacie do a quick demonstration. So here goes…

Your sheets will make up the base layer of your bed. We always recommend using crisp, white sheets. They always look good and are the easiest to care for!
We recommend using a neutral foundation for your bedding just as we do when purchasing your core furniture pieces. This allows you to change your color story and patterns over time through pillows, throws or an additional coverlet.
Stacie begins with a grey coverlet that makes the base layer of her bedding story. The trussed coverlet is a blend of modal and viscose which is not only sleek and inviting but washable. You could just as easily use a duvet (filled with a down comforter) as your base layer if you like a fuller look on your bed.
Stacie chooses to tuck the loose edges under the mattress for a clean, tailored look. Don’t obsess over perfect corners, as long as it’s neat and carefully tucked in, it will look great.
For the next layer, Stacie selects a cream coverlet (also washable) to create dimension and contrast. She folds this layer into a third and drapes it across the bed.

She then folds the first grey layer to just overlap the top of the cream coverlet creating a finished look. Do a visual check to ensure your coverlet or duvet is equal in length across the bed and no loose blanket or sheet edges are left hanging.
With her bottom layers in place, Stacie now begins to build her pillow story by standing Euro Pillows across the back of the bed. On my bed, I lay my sleeping pillows flat and then stack the euro pillows on top to not only gain some height but to hide my very soft pillows.

With three euro pillows anchoring the back, Stacie starts adding some additional pillows in the front creating a pyramid effect.
Pillows are the finishing touch of a beautifully made bed. Always use an assortment of pillow sizes for visual interest but don’t go crazy. Stacie wants to add a little pattern and glamour to our bed, so she chooses to feature these lovely silver foiled pillows in the front of the pillow scape.
And then adds these wonderful jeweled velvet pillows in front.
To finish the bed, we love the texture and look of this black and silver foiled cowhide draped as a throw. The texture of the hide adds great dimension to the bed and compliments the entire look. You could just as easily finish this layer with a cotton or cabled throw. Just make sure it has great visual interest and that it casually drapes the end of the bed for an inviting and unfussy look.
Voila! A beautiful, one-of-a-kind bed, done in less than 5 minutes. Your reward for creating a look that you love in your bedroom is a welcoming retreat where you can revive and restore your energy. We spend about one third of our life in our bedrooms, so devoting a little time and effort to make your bedroom a special and comfortable place in your home is well worth it!
Disclaimer: K. Renee Home cannot be held responsible for any positive consequence that may arise due to the fabulous appearance of your bedroom.