The Magic of Home Jewelry

June 6, 2016

I absolutely love great basics. But without a little layering and accessorizing a basic can be... a little too basic.   That is where the magic of jewelry comes in.   A great piece can completely change the look of an outfit.   A black tee can be dressy one moment with the right necklace and sporty the next.  

An interesting necklace has the power of transforming an outfit.  Jewelry can be worn with more that one outfit and provides great versatility to your wardrobe!  ' Home jewelry' has that same effect and are some of the most transformative items that you can have in your home.   

Your 'home jewelry' will be those things in your home that are purely decorative...their only functional purpose is to help you create a look and beauty within your home.  On the other hand, the major pieces of furniture in your home are the basics.   Beautiful but basic.

Sofas, chairs, lamps and tables fall into this functional category.  And while these individual pieces are certainly handsome, the look can be a little boring without the all important 'home jewelry'. 

Voila!  What a difference a few beautiful accessories can make...     

Your home jewelry is what should reflect your personality and add charm, warmth and a visual statement.      Decorative accessories should  give your guests a certain insight to who you are, what you value and also bring a positive energy into your home.  

We often hear clients complain that their home is just not inspiring and, well, kinda blah.       And usually it's because their 'home jewelry' is an after thought.    Even the most beautiful sofas look blasé without a little love and layering.

Pillows are a great start but as you can see dressing the cocktail table with a bit of flair is just as important.

Accessories are so important because they add textural contrast to both your furniture and the room.    Having furniture you love is a great start but just not enough to finish a room.   In years past, I have bought the most beautiful bed frames.   Since I am not a lover of matchy-match bedding sets,  I would choose basic bedding only to find that I didn't love my gorgeous bed as much as I thought I would.    Well, it is no wonder why...

Because I didn't finish my great story with the necessary layers of 'home jewelry.'   With a few interesting (and unmatched) pillows along with soft, comfortable throws,  a basic bed magically comes alive.

We invest a great deal of time at various markets around the country selecting great pillows that can be used in any room of a home.   While these pillows look great on a bed, they can easily be moved to a sofa in another room when it is time to refresh and change the look of a room.  After all, who doesn't like to change things up now and then?    And if you don't, you should.  

Your 'home jewelry' should suit your mood, personality and look of your home.   There are so many great options.   It will just be a matter of selecting those things that you love.   Stumped? We can always help you put them together in a simple but interesting way.

Take a look around your home.    Do you have accessories that you love?   Or are your things just filling up space?

Don't be afraid to try something new and interesting.   You can always change it or move it to a new space.   If you pick things you love, the possibilities for your home are endless.

 Now get creative and add some beautiful 'home jewelry' to your life!

I hope I have inspired you to make a few changes around your home.    Don't know where to start?     That's why our style team is at your service and are never short of opinions.   And...this is also the perfect time to treat yourself.    Now through June 30th, you will receive $100 a purchase of $300 or more at both our clothing store and home store.    

Accessories are the jewelry of the home. Accessorizing a home is vital in many aspects on many levels and in fact, make the house a home. When we fail to add those little touches to the decor of a home we find a home that naturally is off putting, sterile, and it offers very little in the way of comfort to yourself and visitors. 

I hear some jewelry calling your name!