The Living Life Beautifully Experience

August 12, 2019

The summer is winding down.  And our older students are all gearing up to head back to school leaving behind summer jobs and internships...hopefully having learned a thing or two.



At K. Renee,  we have been driven by our core values to provide learning experiences for students considering a career in interior design or fashion by offering summer internships.

We like to call this our Living Life Beautifully Learning Experience.   


During this time, our summer intern becomes exposed to all facets of our business.  

Our interns do it all! Marketing, event planning, assisting the home team on transformations as well as assisting the clothing team with closet consultations, and working with clients to create an inspired wardrobe.

Our goal is to share our passion for the style and design business in all its excitement and glory. But also allow students to understand all the detailed not so glamorous work required to create a successful business.










This summer, Caroline Magnani joined our team (our third college student to complete our Living Life Beautifully Learning Experience.)   Caroline is shortly leaving us to head back to the University of Kentucky to complete her senior year.   


We thought it would be fun to ask Caroline a bit about her experience with us, so here we go…




Caroline, what did you hope to accomplish by coming to work with us for the summer?

"As a business marketing major at the University of Kentucky, I have often wondered how to balance all that I am learning in my coursework with a love for design and people. The rare opportunity to work with such a talented team at K. Renee exceeded my expectations. From day one, I was able to make the position my own - taking the initiative to move beyond the basic requirements of an internship. Each team member valued my opinions on everything from design creation all the way to the completed project, and not once did I feel like a task was not meant for me."



We snapped a shot of Caroline on one of her first home installations this summer!  It was a happy experience for her as well as the client.


What are some of the things you were able to learn during your time with us?


The team helped me establish specific goals, which included exploring the business side of the home and fashion design, with an emphasis on interiors. I wanted to see how the business operated on a day to day basis from start to finish. Not only was I able to observe specific tasks, but I was invited (and trusted!) to step in and assist on the job. I had a whirlwind of experiences in home design, merchandising, marketing, and event planning. 

While it would be impossible to list all that I learned - because I'm still processing it all - a few specifics stand out the most: the hands-on experience and the amazing team I got to be apart of this summer.  


Caroline's first week on the job was helping us prepare for the grand opening of our Bernhardt Interiors Boutique.   She did a great job. 


You're sadly leaving us in a few days, what are a few takeaways from your living life beautifully experience?


The unique hands-on experience in both fashion and interiors at K. Renee bridged my passions in both business and design. In just a few short months, I learned to recognize and describe my own style, which led to a new confidence in my work. I can now identify modern vs. transitional, and the process - from vision to transformation day - of "the perfect space." Today I can look beyond current trends and have learned to trust my own style instincts! Before this summer, I never really trusted my own opinions and style without the approval of others. Do you know who taught me to trust myself? The K. Renee Team.


Hearing that makes our hearts soar!  Best advice you received? 


Confidence is key. You must love and believe in what you're selling to have a successful business. Ultimately working with such talent helped me recognize that my love for business and design can lead to successful and fulfilling work after graduation.  




Honestly, I feel we learned as much from Caroline as she learned from us. And for that, she deserves a little thank you note from us...




Before our Caroline leaves, we would love to have you stop by and meet her and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!  She will be here from Tuesday through Friday, and then she heads back home to Kentucky to begin school.


Also, up this week, is a pretty amazing Ports 161 Trunk Show.  If you are a dress lover, then this is the line for you! There are certainly more than dresses in this gorgeous line....all are classic but modern cuts, incredible quality, and style for miles!



Ports 161 Trunk Show - Now through Saturday, August 17!



We all hope to see you this week.

May your day be beautiful,