The Little Things Mean The World

March 23, 2020

Let me start today by saying how privileged I am to have the opportunity to interact with you through this blog each and every week.    Never has there been a time when connections are more important.  

So, how are you holding up?   I would really like to know.   For us, as a small business, this road we are now on is filled with uncertainty but also optimism for the time when we shall be together again.   

Yes, it is difficult.   And yes, we are confined by social distancing and are, for the most part, living within the confines of our homes.   Yet, it’s in the little things we can do that might provide the greatest learning, lessons and light.

The little things that may make a difference in your day (or someone else’s.) 







With the world seeming to be upside down, I have been touched by the people in my life that have reached out to provide friendship and support.    It means so much.  

On that same note, I got to thinking about all of you and others who have touched my life.   I know of three individuals that I care about deeply that are dealing with unimaginable difficulties only to be forced to add to the mix the Covid-19 uncertainty and its resulting economic impacts.    And those are only three that I know. There are so many more that have it worse than any of us will experience. There is a lot to be grateful for even in the middle of this storm. 






Knowing how much it means to have someone think of you, I can’t imagine a better way to bring some light into another person’s life than to reach out and let them know you care.   We have time on our hands, so let’s connect. Write a note, send a text, facetime, pick up the phone and make calls. Connect with 5 different people every day. It will mean something powerful to someone.  







A friend of mine sent a text invitation this past Friday that said…


Okay, what a grand idea.    After a difficult day, it was just what I needed.     And to say it was a blast and much needed was an understatement.    Thank you, dear friend, for putting this little connection activity together...and I will see you next Friday!







What better time for some spring cleaning than now, right?     Take this down time to tackle clutter and purge your homes. As Marie Kondo says, "Discard everything that does not spark joy."    We clearly need more joy right now than unwanted things. 


The Des Moines Register is already calling for donations for clothing, furnishings and home goods to support all those in our community that will be severely impacted by this crisis.     You will feel better about your home surrounding yourself with only the things you love and you will be providing a helping hand to those in need.   


A win-win moment.




My mom expressed that she was a bit sad that she wouldn’t be able to get her Costco Biscotti’s when I was talking to her yesterday  (she likes Costco's way better than other shelf brands around town.)   Now, mind you, this is a woman who loves to cook and bake. I suggested with all this time on her hands, why didn't she learn the art of Biscotti and bake her own delicious brand.  Heck, if they are good enough, I will place an order and serve them to all of you when we get back to normal.



Now,  my new 'activity' was much more mundane than that.    I stumbled upon a 50-pound container of change that I have collected over the years.    I decided to sort, organize and ultimately find something joyful to do with all that wasted money.  

Maybe it will be a big tip for a restaurant worker or food donated to one of our local distribution charities.  Small things can make a big difference to someone.  












Yesterday, another friend of mine shared a little tip...

“Good morning ladies. I found these nice little yoga videos on my YMCA link today. My back has been tight this week so the 15 minute back opener was calming. Try them out!"



Yes!   I think a little yoga will help calm the mind and the spirit.    What are some of your ideas? I would love to hear.






With an eye on the future, it is the perfect time to practice your dinner party and entertaining skills.     Last night, I decided to make dinner special for Sydney and myself. I have been to Hy-Vee a couple of times over the last week (like the rest of us)  and noticed that no one was buying flowers...and since they are an essential part of a tablescape, I picked up a couple of bundles.    


Flowers are just joyful.   Dinner party for your family or not, go get some and brighten up your home.    Some night this week, get all fancy and set your table!   


We had a lovely dinner and made a memory.    The choices we have are to use this time to create moments of joy or get overwhelmed with monotony.    It is up to us. 




I usually reserve puzzles for the holidays.    Why? I get so consumed with them that I don’t get much else done.   When my mind gets cluttered and overwhelmed I can sit down and forget the world for a few moments with this very basic problem-solving activity.   (Louie the black cat likes to join me as well.) 




This will be over sooner or later (sooner, I hope.)    One of the things that many of our clients enjoy doing throughout the week is to come to our stores and wander around looking for inspiration for their own homes.   It had provided a place of peace and calm to many.  So our team has been working diligently at creating a virtual home showroom as well as our new clothing arrivals. Now, you can enjoy our space from the comfort of your home.   

We are adding rooms and new deliveries daily!   Click here to access our virtual home showroom and here for Spring 2020 clothing.


 I also thought it would be fun to put together some of the items that might make your self- quarantine a little more comfortable.    We can always do curbside pick-up, ship or deliver to your doorstop a few things to help get you through these next days. And how amazing would it be to send a little care package to a family member or friend?  This is a little home package we put together with a washable and comfortable animal print throw, a favorite candle and diffuser.   



Home Care Package: Throw, Candle, Diffuser, Flower ($260 but really priceless)


And on the clothing style side of life, I think it’s still important to get up, shower and put on something that makes you feel grand.    In our clothing comfort package, we pulled together some essential Norma Kamali ítems that are stylish, yet uber-comfortable (and machine washable.)   I consider these pieces daytime PJ's...they are that cozy.

Whether you want something for yourself or to send as a gift, all you have to do is give us a call or send us an email and we will take care of packaging, shipping or delivery.

Well, this turned out to be a longer blog than I expected.    I will sign off for the day by praying that you stay safe and well.    I also want you to know (we all do) how much we appreciate your support and kind words.    Just this morning, Stacie found this email in her inbox...



It meant the world to all of us at K. Renee.  Stay safe, we shall get through this together.