The Light of Style In Action

April 9, 2018

In the time that Spring has been struggling to arrive, I have been covering the core values of K. Renee in the last several blogs and I am down to our last two.


Our team is purpose-driven.   We practice what we preach.    Just like you wouldn't want your hair to be cut by a stylist with a bad haircut, you also wouldn't want your home transformed by a team that didn't put the same care and love into their homes.  

Did you know that every K. Renee employee has at least 1 furry friend that lives beautifully with us in our homes?   (We have a total of 12 dogs and 5 cats in our K. Renee family.)


So, when we tell you that our fabrics hold up under the duress of pets and kids, we know first hand that they do and that living life beautifully is for all of us no matter who you are or where you are at in your life.

Our last core value is Responsible Financial Success.   It's important to us to invest wisely in our business, people and products so at the end of the day we can support our dream of giving generously to our community.  And we have aptly named our dream the "Share The Love Project."


K. Renee is a 50/50 business that gives 50% of our profits away annually.    We not only want to support the charitable organizations that are important to our team, but to be able to bring the positive influence that "the light of style" brings to deserving non-profits groups or families in need.

The light of style.   It's hard to describe its impact in words and is a much better story told in before and after pictures. 

Back in December we visited the home of a lovely couple who had moved into an older home (several months before) and had done nothing with the one room in their home that was meant for family time and gatherings.  It was structurally a gorgeous room but lacked all of its potential to bring comfort and joy to their family and life.

Our style team visited the home and came up with a lovely plan for the space. Although they loved what we proposed for the room and had a vision for the future of this room, they decided that it was something they would love to do someday but the time just wasn't right for them in December.

A couple of weeks ago, this couple's husband called Stacie and told her that he wanted to surprise his wife while she was out of town by completing the room as we had proposed a couple of months earlier.

Side note:  For any gentleman perhaps reading this blog...
there is no better way to make a woman swoon than to do something unexpectedly
that is important to her but perhaps not as much to him.

An unexpected surprise?   Absolutely.  The K. Renee team jumped immediately into action.  The light of style was about to hit this room.

The great thing about the way we do business is that we can move quickly without having to give up an ounce of quality, comfort and style.  We always have options, options and more comfortable and beautiful options.


The powerhouses of our business (Jeff, Travis and Jackson) don't get enough credit for what they do.   They are available to us at a drop of a hat to deliver furnishings, hang pictures and help us deliver on our promise to inspire.


You will never see us just drop furniture off in the middle of your room and leave you to figure out the best position for it.   Or leave you to fend for yourself on the hunt for the unique accessories, pillows and throw that compliment your home.

Artwork is selected and hung (with your permission) so that you don't have to deal with it yourself after our visit to your home.


Now the light of style is truly starting to shine in this wonderful space.   A couch to snuggle with the kids and watch a favorite show or movie.  Chairs to share great conversation or a glass of wine.  A storage console under the TV for storage. A sense of peace starts to flow through this room that is finally starting to live up to its full potential.  Can you see it?


This is the light of style in action.   A home that wraps its arms around its family.   A place that you are excited to wake up to in the morning and to come home to at night.    


Having this room done now is so much more rewarding than someday.  

Its how we share our love, through the light of style.    And we dream of a day when we can give away more than one or two home transformations a year.    It's why we work and work so hard.  And it's why shopping locally is so important to our community.   Together we can do powerful and positive things.



Thank you all so much for  the love and support that you (our stylish clients) have given us over the last five and a half years.   We can't wait to see what the next five years bring!

Have a wonderful week,