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March 5, 2018

I walked outside last week (March 1st) and the realization hit me that we are actually on our way out of winter.   Yes!!!   I thought to myself, it’s time to do a little spring cleaning and begin the process of updating my outdoor spaces so I can truly enjoy being outside this year instead of dreaming about it.

Yes, my deck is empty.   And needs to be filled!  So sad looking, isn't it?

I am sure many of you have these kinds of things on your list and so much more.  Next week, lots of you with kids are likely heading out for a Spring Break warm weather adventure (envious)  and when you get back April will be knocking on the door.  

If you are a parent of a high school student, you’ve got even more on your mind;  curfews, sporting events, grades...and for some of you GRADUATION.  And that means throwing a graduation party and having dozens of people in and out of your home.  Yikes!

There is nothing like a major event in our lives to inspire us to get our homes in tip-top shape.   It is natural for us to want to set our best foot forward for family and friends that we haven’t seen in years!     I am betting you are wishing for an “easy button” to help you start preparing both your heart-and home-for this milestone party.

Well, the good news is that there is one (more on that later)...whether you are planning for a big graduation party, spring update or moving into a new home.   

So today, I thought I would talk about the main areas in our homes that are integral in entertaining large groups of people; the foyer, living room, kitchen/dining room, and outdoor patio or deck.  And hopefully, offer some inspiration for those areas.


Once your guests step through the front door, the first thing they will see is your foyer. This area should be a reflection of what is yet to come in your home as well as be warm and welcoming.   

Draw guests into your home by adding a rug.  Even if you already have an old one, you might benefit from a new, crisp and clean one after a wet and muddy winter. Keep it clear of the furniture, so your space has a feeling of openness. And don’t let it extend the entire length of your entryway.


Engage your visitors right away by adding an eye-catching piece of artwork. Pick something that you love and let it set the tone for the rest of your home.

The same principle works with a large mirror, which can have a dramatic effect especially if it reflects a gorgeous light fixture or piece of art on the opposite wall.  A mirror can also catch light and brighten a dark foyer as well as create the illusion of a larger area.


If you have enough room, add a great console and tuck an ottoman underneath to send cozy vibes to your visitors.


The Living Room (upstairs and down)

Since this is the most comfortable room in your home, your living room is sure to be a hangout for your guests.   This is an area in your home that you need to stand back and decide if all you need is some simple updates or if you actually need an entire living room transformation.   

Why do I say that?    Because if you fundamentally dislike your existing furniture (or it is older than your graduating senior) then updating it with new pillows, a rug or a few new accessories may be a costly band-aid for a bigger issue.   Why waste money investing in something that doesn’t feel great anyway?


If you have furniture you love and just haven't gotten around to finishing the space, here are a few things to think about...

Your furniture arrangement.  

For entertaining, you need to consider traffic flow and creating conversation areas.  Not sure if your arrangement works?   Take a picture of your room and bring it into the store and discuss your concerns or ideas with one of our stylists.   Our advice is free, so you might as well take advantage!



Adding or updating your current area rug might give your space the face-lift it needs.   A rug can add a pop of color, a layer of much-needed texture and certainly a fresh new look.   It's a wonderful way to create a cozy and welcoming space for family and friends.


Create a new story in your space with inspiring pillows, throws, and accessories.   The great thing about having great core furniture pieces in your home is the ease of updating and refreshing with a few simple layers.  


Upon arriving, your guests will probably head straight to the kitchen for food and drinks. And you know how people love to huddle together in this comforting area of your home.

The best way to get ready for entertaining in this space is to declutter.    Strip everything away that isn’t necessary!    You’ll need the room for setting up food and drinks anyway.

But before guests arrive, splurge on some beautiful flowers that make your home looked loved.

While new flooring isn’t likely a quick or easy option, try adding a rug to the area for a new look. An excellent option for the kitchen is something that is easily cleaned like a beautiful indoor/outdoor rug or runner.

And let’s face it when you entertain the party usually ends up in the kitchen anyway.   


Your barstools may be the most used piece of furniture in your home during a gathering.  Are yours up to date and comfortable?    If not, think about replacing your old ones to freshen up the kitchen area.


Your Outdoor Space

There is no better place to entertain in the spring and summer (especially a graduation party) than on your patio or deck.   Personally, I am so over the standard outdoor furniture that is usually a combination of metal and plastic materials. Once I got introduced to the line of outdoor upholstered furniture that we carry at the store, I realized that there is no reason that our outdoor living areas can't be just as beautiful and comfortable as our indoor space.

Rest assured that my poor empty deck that I showed you earlier will be restyled so that I can use it and spend some much needed time soaking in some sun and fresh air.   I am ready to be outside and lounging on this incredible sectional.  I think it would be perfect.

Our fully upholstered outdoor furniture is built to withstand the natural elements.   The frames are made from marine grade plywood, and these yacht-friendly pieces of furniture can certainly handle Iowa weather. What makes them even nicer is that the pieces are slipcovered and all you have to do is remove the cover and throw them in the washing machine to freshen them up now and again.

The biggest difference?   The comfort (the chair above even swivels).    All of the furniture I have had in the past (while it may have looked good) didn’t feel comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.   I would sit down and try to read a magazine or book and quickly decide that my indoor sofa was a more relaxing place to be.   NO MORE!

Okay, back to the easy button.   Getting your home ready for a big event or moving into a new home does not need to be an overwhelming and disappointing experience.   At K. Renee, it is our purpose to make your experience not only easy but inspirational.

Our team offers complimentary design consultation, space planning, and interior styling from concept to completion.    We help our clients select furniture from a vast assortment of in-stock furniture that you get to see, touch and feel to ensure that you are getting the comfort and quality that you expect.   Not only do we have readily available furniture but lighting, accessories, art, rugs, pillows, bedding and so much more - all selected with our client's homes in mind.

And if that isn’t enough, we deliver for free and bring our style team to your home to do a complete installation from placing furniture and accessorizing to hanging your artwork.    


We get it done...and get it done so that it exceeds your expectations.   So head off to your spring vacation and relax.    If you need help with your home, we got your back!    Easy.

Before you head off for your vacation, stop by on Thursday night for a fun wine and shoe pairing event.   We will be matching shoe styles to wine personalities.  And I am guessing that a new pair of sandals can't hurt your vacation either.

And for those that make it, there will be a sweet deal.


Have fun next week!