The Elevated Easy Button

August 10, 2020

I have discovered there is such a thing as an elevated easy button.   

The Des Moines Winefest has been affected by 2020's unpredictable turn of events, just like so many others.  I want to give them a great big shout out for rising to the occasion and offering us elevated easy.  

Throughout the days of strict quarantine, Winefest used their talent and creativity to develop events designed to serve us while supporting local our local hospitality industry.  

What did they do?   They partnered with local restaurants to bring us fabulous meals and delectable wine pairings to enjoy at home while social distancing.  All you had to do was pick up fully prepared dinner, paired wines, and head home. Participants were then invited to a Facebook Live wine tasting event with sommeliers and the local restaurant owners to talk food and wine...together but separate.   

All the proceeds (upwards of $60,000) went straight back into the local restaurant economy!     


How cool is that?    Elevated Easy!   This last weekend, Winefest went beyond with their replacement events for their coveted "Sips in the City" and "Grand Tasting!"


All I needed to do was make my selections, pick up a prepared bag of appetizers, entrees, dessert and fantastic wine.  VOILA, I had all I needed for an elevated gathering at my home.  


It was a blast.   Thank you Winefest for creating the most stress free gathering I have ever hosted!  This experience has taught me that you only need three things to have elevated easy in your own home.

Great local vendors to provide you with a theme and an eatery experience. 

Wow, we are surrounded by great options these days!   Truly.    I just got this in my email today, and I am super excited to participate.     


Pork chops on a stick are a family favorite and who can't have a little fun with an Iowa State Fair theme?   I am already signed up.   How about you? (Sign up, here.


Something easy and fun to wear.

If you are going to have people in your home, I think the occasion calls for wearing something that gives you the "hostess with the most-est vibe."

A flowy dress or pants always does the trick for me.  Frankly, I think it's time to add some more normalcy to our lives and begin to think about getting dressed up again.   It is good for the soul!

And last, but not least...

A home that you are proud to have people visit.

Let's face it. We will spend a lot more time at home these days and hosting small gatherings of family and close friends.   It makes it so much more pleasant to be in a mind frame where you are excited to have people over because you LOVE where you live.

A recent example is a couple who came to us about a week ago because they were hosting several small gatherings.    They wanted their gorgeous home to feel lighter, brighter, and to give it a more updated, modern feel.  

And because K. Renee provides the service of an easy elevated button...we gave them exactly what they wanted, in a matter of days.   

We started in the great room as that is where most of the entertaining happens.  Our client has a collection of items in the room that just didn't give them the cohesive, calm and modern look they desired.

While we used their large sectional, we installed a softer rug, bookshelves, cocktail table, chairs and accessories.   It looked fabulous!

We did a few tweaks to the dining room as well.  While a wonderful room, there was just something that didn't seem to pull it all together.

As you can see, we simply changed the artwork and the rug which really gave this room an elegant updated feel.   

While our clients were working with us on the entertaining spaces in their home, they fell in love with a bed we showcased which led us to a bedroom transformation as well.

Our clients had a large room with a sun room area (which housed the bed before) in their master.   To give them more space and so they could enjoy fabulous views from the sun room, we switched things up by placing the fabulous four poster into the larger area.

I don't know about you, but I think this transformed bedroom looks absolutely stunning.   Elevated easy!   That is what I am talking about.   We are all adjusting to our new normal...thankfully we can still easily create magical moments and memories.

Have a wonderful week.   (And a candle light evening for those of you who still don't have power after today's storms!)