The Code of Elves

December 16, 2019

Our team has been bustling around like K. Renee Elves for the last several weeks and it has been a blast!    We have adopted the official code of elves.



I am a total geek about the holidays.  No matter what is going on, I love everything about it!   Of course, our clothing team elves has been busy helping find the perfect gifts and holiday outfits for the ladies and gents.   But our home elves have been busy too!    

If you have wandered into our showroom during the holidays, you know that we have the most beautiful flocked trees.   What you may not know is that we not only sell them but install them complete with the ribbons, bows, beautiful ornaments and all of the fixings.   How festive is that?    

 Here are just three of the trees our K. Renee Home Elves did this year...



How beautiful, right?    The one above even came with gifts for all the ladies in the house!   Believe it or not, there is still time to have one of these beauties in your own home.    I heard through the grapevine that we have one or two 9' pre-lit flocked trees left.  And if it doesn't work this year, just talk to one of our elves and reserve your tree for next year.    I have one of these myself (which I have had for 6 years) and it never disappoints.  

But that is not all our home elves have been doing.   We have several homes that we are transforming yet this week (and into early next week) just in time for holiday gatherings.   The one thing that I can tell you is that our elves do not like the word "no" and somehow they can magically make it happen for anyone who wants to be inspired.  

You also may not know, that while K. Renee Home is known for transforming home interiors, we also forge into the world of corporate interiors.    



When clients walk into a waiting area of a business, the goal is always to instill confidence in the products and services of the business.    There is no better way, than to welcome them into your world in an inspiring way.

 Just this past week, we transformed this space...




  Into this updated and modern place to welcome clients...


At the other end of the lobby (before)...



And now you turn around to see this...



A reception or lobby area is really the most important area of any office.  It tells clients everything they need to know about the vision, branding and personality of an organization.

Because of this important interior space, we have helped several businesses with their interiors in the past years, including a clinical psychologist office where it is especially important to put clients at ease with a calming and soothing reception area.




There is no place our elves don't love to go!    Yesterday (Sunday), our entire team of elves completed our 2019 HOME HOLIDAY TRANSFORMATION.  



Our 2019 recipient was nominated by a local real estate agent.   I thought you would enjoy seeing her nomination letter...



This is truly our VERY favorite project of the year!   And this time, we pulled off a HUGE surprise.   After coordinating with our recipient's daughter,  we were able to get Kathy out of her house for the afternoon while we transformed the space that her daughter felt would give her the most joy!   

Stay tuned for the big reveal, in next Monday's Light of Style blog!   In the meantime, enjoy the week.    And as you are thinking about those last minute gifts, our elves are here to make your day a little easier, brighter and beautiful.


Julie, holiday elf

(wearing on-trend animal print)