The Art of the Hostess Gift

April 12, 2015

By Gina Ross, Home Store Specialist

Have you ever arrived to a dinner party with a bouquet of fresh flowers in hand, only to discover you are the third guest to arrive with the same gift for your hostess?     Like handwritten thank you notes, the practice of giving gifts to a hostess is a lost art.

A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate; nor does the gift always need to be a typical bouquet of flowers or bottle of wine.  A hostess gift should be an extension of your personal style as well as a gesture of appreciation.    At K. Renee, we carry many accessories that can serve as a special and unique hostess gift for any occasion and I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite options!


One reason people love candles is that they can bring tranquil and restorative light into their daily life. One of the more powerful ways to enjoy the beauty of candlelight is during a moment of stillness and solitude, when you turn off the world and tune into yourself. 


Consider giving a highly aromatic candle, like our Nest Bamboo or Grapefruit scents, to someone who enjoys taking bubble baths by candlelight.

Our selection of elegant, vintage-styled porcelain diffusers are a beautiful addition to any home. The porcelain flower is designed to draw attention and draw in the oil and diffuse the fragrance throughout a room. 

Bonus…the diffuser is packaged in a lovely gift box, making it a great hostess gift!


Once limited to flower arrangements and random shell collections, bits of nature and nature-inspired objects now rule the roost.   Consider using a bowl or tray as a pretty vessel to hold a gift of natural botanicals for your hostess.

A small crystal geode is a beautiful gift; crystals uplift our energies and bring light into our lives. A geode can be placed anywhere in your hostess’s home.  We love to place crystal geodes on a stack of interesting coffee table books!


We also carry a large assortment of unique accessories. For example, consider giving a truly special table runner to a hostess who loves to change the look of a table or frequently entertains.  For example, this ruffled table runner can give a table setting a soft relaxing vibe.

Rather than fresh flowers, consider giving your hostess one of the beautiful decorative flowers we carry at our home store.  A flower can be placed table top, in a book shelf, on a serving tray… giving an additional layer of beauty and interest.

We also love Cote Bastide crystals.

The fragrant crystals can be used as potpourri throughout the home to insight simple pleasures of life.    Consider the style of your hostess… for a more casual gift; present the crystals in a small wicker basket or in a beautiful decorative bowl for a dressier feel. 


Think about what inspires your hostess… fashion, art, home design.   We carry a wonderful selection of books, and depending on your hostess interests; a coffee table book can be a great inspirational gift.


Everyone can use liquid soap for the kitchen and bathroom. Your hostess has gone to a lot of work for you… go beyond grocery store brands and give a gift of luxurious hand soap. 


Nest hand soaps offer vibrant fragrances; our favorites are Grapefruit and Bamboo. These two scents are composed primarily of essences found in ripe orchard fruits, luscious tropical fruit or rich, dark-skinned fruit.


Yes, you can still do fresh flowers!   If you do decide this is the best option, consider sending them a day in advance or bring them in a vase with water, so your hostess doesn’t have to stop what she is doing to put your flowers in water.   A simple mason jar can be a great way to transport and display your gift of fresh flowers.    We also have a tutorial on how to put together a simple and elegant arrangement which you can find by clicking here.


Beer is appropriate for a casual event but not a formal dinner party.   If giving beer as a gift, pick up something special like an Iowa craft beer or a nice stout or an IPA from a local beer store.

If you bring a bottle of wine for your hostess, think about what they like.   Do they prefer a white or red, sweet, dry or sparkling… look for something unique.   When it comes to purchasing a wine to bring as a gift, you don’t have to spend a fortune; $20 - $30 is a good price range.   A special sparkling wine to consider is Roederer Estate NV Brut Sparkling which was recommended to us by my brother-in-law who is a restauranteur in Chicago.     Running about $20 a bottle, this sparkling wine is a complex flavor layering flavors of pear, creme brulee and baked apple that linger with great finesse and depth of flavor.  

Instead of spending $5 for a wine gift bag, tie a pretty bow of ribbon around the bottle and put that $5 towards a better bottle of wine! 

So, the next time you are invited to a dinner party, remember your hostess has worked hard to make you feel welcome and ensure you have a good time. A thoughtful gift for your hostess is a lovely way to say thank you for the hospitality.    And, a hand written thank you note sent the day after the party is always a good idea!!

Enjoy this season of celebrations and gatherings.     

 The fragrant crystals can be used as potpourri throughout the home to insight simple pleasures of life.    Consider the style of your hostess… for a more casual gift; present the crystals in a small wicker basket or in a beautiful decorative bowl for a dressier feel.