The Anthem

April 2, 2018

As most of you know, I have been walking through the K. Renee purpose and core values over the last couple of weeks.  And because I have been thinking and talking about them so much I am starting to hear these goofy lyrics to an anthem song in my head.



At K. Renee we have a purpose,
our promise to inspire.
Beautiful, comfortable and nurturing,
be all that you desire.


Living Life Beautifully
Living Life Beautifully
That's what we believe


It’s all about our values…
The ideals that keep us going.
Style, what we love and do best,
put our passion to the test.
Today is the day to start living your life.
It’s what we all need to feel alive.



Okay, so music writing is NOT my talent.   But I needed a quick way to recap, and I would rather sound a little lame than boring.   Priorities, right?

The next two core values (don’t worry, I am getting to the end) are Relationship Focused and Future Minded.  So, let’s start with the heart and soul of the matter, relationships.


Great relationships truly have the ability and power to unleash all of our untapped potential.   When we forge productive relationships between our team members at K. Renee, our passion and creativity soar.      And when we can create meaningful relationships with our customers, trust develops, and you give us the opportunity to enter into your homes and help you create a place that you truly love.    Or you allow us the privilege of helping you style a wardrobe that flatters and inspires. This is the lifeblood of our business.




 Our next core value is to be Future Minded.



An old boss of mine used to constantly say “Do what you always do, get what you always get.”    To be honest, after awhile it began to annoy me. I get it!  But now I find myself saying the same thing and sounding like a broken record.     Even though I get it, it ultimately takes a lot of energy and effort to acknowledge change, embrace it and actually do something different.  Which is why we focus on this important value.

As we were talking about being Future Minded at one of our team meetings, Susy Damon recently shared a personal (and endearing) story.       Her great niece had written this very future-minded bucket list.


How cute is that?  That is one future-minded girl and she has it going on!


And she teaches us all that a bucket list will change our life for the better.   It always seems when you put an eye on the future and write down what you want...what you want will more likely happen.   

Susy told me that at least one of the items on her niece's bucket list would be coming true in the next ten days or so (Shhhh, secret.)





Being future-minded keeps K. Renee on its toes too.   It’s why we are always looking for new ways of doing business, opportunities and creating events that change things up!

 I know that this is not WAY in the future, but since we are on the topic, I thought I would share what’s going on at K. Renee in this month and next.


The first thing up is our third School of Style workshop on Thursday, April 12th from 6 to 8 p.m.      The topic is going to be “7 Mindful Ways to Create A Peaceful Sanctuary in Your Home.”  Three of our most talented stylists will be sharing instant ways to make a difference in your home. We like these sessions to be interactive, so willing participants will have the chance to do some styling of their own.



Next up on our calendar is our third annual Andre Assous Shoe Trunk Show  "Spring Is In The Pair."


This will be our third event with Patrick Zangrilli (our Andre' Assous expert) and this fabulous shoe line that is known for its beauty, quality, and comfort!   Patrick will be in store all day Friday, April 20th and part of Saturday to answer any questions you have about the shoe line and to personally show you styles that will be available to order but that we don't carry in-store or anywhere else in Des Moines.  


The next event we have on our calendar is all about #LadiesWhoLagencewithOscar.     As some of you know, we have found a denim and clothing line that we are absolutely in love with...


We love them not only for the quality, fit and great style of their clothing line but for the way that they do business.     They have a lot of fun and get a lot done!! So what about this #LadiesWhoLagencewithOscar??



Oscar is the New York L'agence Fashion Guru and Fit Expert.   And he will be with us on Thursday, April 26th for personalized styling appointments. Oscar will be proving to us why Women's Wear Daily is calling L'agence fashion the new go-to denim brand for its clean denim washes and an amazing fit.     He is bringing along a stockpile of his favorite jeans, tops, and dresses and promises he can find the perfect fit for each woman that he has the opportunity to work with!

 It's gonna be a fun day that you will not want to miss!!    You can get to know Oscar by following his Instagram at Oscarfashionguru   

And if that is not enough...





On Thursday, May 3, we will be kicking off the start of the summer season with An Alfresco Affair featuring K. Renee outdoor furnishings, accessories and one-of-a-kind designs from Dane Fabrication, a local Wood, and Metal Fabrication Shop.  You will see an eclectic mix of modern-rustic metal and woodworking custom-crafted pieces.  


Design from Dane Fabrication


Okay, enough with all this future-minded talk...we've got to roll our sleeves and get to work.       Because we promise that you will be inspired at each and every one of these upcoming events!

Have a great week.    See you soon!