Sweet Dreams

March 18, 2019


I love a good bedroom story.  And this one is a particularly a good one!  One that will surely be filled with...

After all this is the place that you wake up and start your day. And the place you return to at the end of it to reflect and renew your spirit. We spend hours in this important room yet it often doesn’t get the kind of TLC it should.

We had the privilege to do this clients beautiful living room and dining room in the past couple of years.    

After a short home renewal break, they were finally ready to tackle their master bedroom.    A bedroom with beautiful bones that just didn't inspire them.



Our clients had worked with Stacie Schulz in the past and knew she would be the right person for the job.  Little did they know that she is very passionate about bedroom transformations!   Within days of giving her the go-ahead to tackle their bedroom, Stacie had a beautiful plan that began with a bed that had just arrived in our warehouse.  It just seemed to suit their goals and the style of their bedroom.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Our clients asked for a relaxing space with a soothing color palette.   We recommended that they paint away the teal wall color with a soft neutral.  As soon as the painting was complete (which happened within days), our team was ready to completely transform their space with beautiful bedding, pillows, nightstands and so much more.   Let's go!


Uhm.   Wow.  Right?    This is truly one of my favorite bedroom transformations of all time.   



Let's talk bedding a bit. One of the most important components to creating an inspiring bedroom is the sheets, accent pillows, bedding layers, and a sumptuous throw.  

Building a bed like this is one of Stacie's specialties and behind the scenes we have an arsenal of great bedding options to help you create one-of-a-kind bedscapes that can not be achieved by using those matchy-match sets that we have all become so accustomed to purchasing.  

Your bedding always plays a major role in setting the tone of your room.



We also replaced a standard dresser with a storage piece that added another level of beauty and texture.  The crinkled metallic finish added a touch of the glamour our client desired and worked perfectly for underneath the TV mounted above it.    

In the corner, we added a touch of nature with a tall plant as well as a few simple accessories to add a final touch.





 The room also called for two chairs at the end of the bed for reading and lounging.  A great place to unwind at the end of the day.    

We also added an area rug (yes, on carpet.)  The right rug creates another level of great texture, pattern and interest in the room.   A great way to enhance the overall design of your bedroom.





Was our client happy with the room?   Well, yes...I think she was.



They further added:

“Our master got a makeover!!! We’ve worked with K. Renee on a couple of our rooms, but this might be my favorite! They came out to our house, took measurements of or room and helped me pick out this amazing paint color. Stacie walked us through their design and showed us different options for our space. Within 1 week we had a total transformation! I haven’t even mentioned delivery and set up! They personally come out to deliver and style my room! They hung my curtains, they made my bed, and they decorated our ENTIRE room!  If you have never been to K. Renee, you should pop in, take a peek. You won’t be disappointed.”


Really, our client's happiness is the only thing that matters!   Our style team aims to please.  If you have been thinking about tackling any room in your home, we hope you give us an opportunity to show you what we can do!   

Mark your calendar for our annual styling event with my all time favorite denim line coming up in a few weeks.   I’m a bit obsessed with their denim as they not only fit like a glove but are so very comfortable.   And this is the only jean line that my daughter loves as much as I do.   They also will be bringing spring shirtings, tees, dresses and jackets!   

Have a wonderful week,