Subtle & Striking

August 6, 2018

In our world at K. Renee, it's usually simple clean lines that offer the most timeless and sophisticated looks.  

Lux pillows with a classic design, accessories with interesting shapes that enhance your decor but don't overpower. It's all about using elements that are easy on the eyes...subtle and striking.

While the words subtle and striking might seem to fight each other, I think they actually make great partners.   And I'm out to prove that you don’t need to shout to make an impact.

Have you ever noticed someone that had the most energetic outfit that you have ever seen?


It is like an explosion of noise. And there is nothing subtle about it.

Yes, there are a few people in the world that pull this look off and seem natural doing it….however the rest of us don’t need to shout to create a striking impact.  

When it comes to our homes, a little restraint can go a long way.    Subtle yet striking elements can create some of the most comforting, serene and beautiful interiors out there. 

As I walked through the showroom Saturday, I chose eleven things that struck my fancy and I'll explain why.



 Well, it is no surprise that a bar cart struck my fancy, is it?    I love the flexibility of having a mobile cart in the home.   It can have its stationary place as a side table but when the time comes it can be rolled to wherever it needs to go.   One client talked about wanting a place to have plants in her home, which I thought would be lovely sitting on this.   And when it comes time for a tea party...perfect.  And its clean lines, chrome, and acrylic make this a timeless addition to any home.



The simple accessories above offer rich texture but certainly won't overpower a space.    This lovely white vase resonates with me and reminds me that curves are always beautiful.  





What home couldn't use a sculptural chair poised in an office, entryway, a bathroom or bedroom?   This chair has a striking look without taking up too much space and it's a chameleon of style.   Is it traditional?  Modern? Retro?  Mid-century modern?    I think it can be whatever you want it to be.



Replacing older or uninspiring chandeliers is one of the easiest ways to update a space.   This matte-black metal and nickel does have a retro feel but is also a celestial beauty. The cut-crystal discs and icy handcrafted glass create a dazzling light show that moves in a thousand directions. This is perfect for an older home wanting a more modern feel and fits right in with any contemporary theme.




A crystal block adorned with quartz and a plate of gold...I think I am in love.   Every time that I walk by this striking piece I appreciate its simplicity yet power over me.  There is just something special about adding touches of the earth's beauty to our homes.


No home is complete without adding a few organic elements.    Although I wish I had a green thumb like most of my friends, the sad fact is that my plants generally wither within weeks if not days.   A wood sculpture like this is a great alternative and adds a sense of warmth and calm.   


Decorative boxes are a classic and timeless accessory.   I have also found that they are great gifts for gentlemen.   As long as I can remember, my dad was always drawn to them.  Perhaps because they not only look great but you can hide hidden treasures in them and hide clutter such as remote controls...the other thing I have found men truly appreciate.   



Now, this full-length mirror is one of my favorite pieces in the store.   Not only is it beautiful to look at and functional to use...but inside reveals one of the coolest ways to store and display jewelry.    How great would this be in a master bedroom or closet?    Sigh.



 Apparently, I am drawn to lighting these days that have both a slightly retro feel and reminiscent of the sky above.  This simple statement-making lamp illuminates softly in both directions.



It's not puzzling at all why I like this classically shaped accessory.   It just feels strong and confident and can easily grace a bookshelf or table without the need for much around it. 


And last but not least on my list of subtle and striking elements are all the lux pillows that we currently have in the store.  Their rich fabrics and classic designs lend themselves to any space whether that be traditional, transitional or modern.  

Simple and striking.    I could also say this is the theme of how we style our customers in the clothing store which is why we are going to take our upcoming School of Styling to our clothing boutique with a workshop called "Designing Brand You."



I hope you can join us on Thursday, August 23rd from 6 to 8 in the evening to work on the simple and striking YOU!   As always, we will serve cocktails and treats.     You can register by clicking here

 Have a wonderful week!