Styling From Summer to Fall

September 4, 2016

By Frank Vaia, Clothing Stylist

It’s 88 degrees and very sunny as I begin writing for Julie Ross another “Living Life Beautifully” guest blog. My kind of day...oh yeah!

 {Umm, have you noticed that I’m one of the more bronze K. Renee-ers? Julie and I seem to be competitors in that realm.}

Skin tone aside, let’s talk about September 22, 2016. Are you with me? 9/22, this year’s first day of fall. 

 One poet, Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt describes a typical first day of fall like this:

Well, SMBP, with all due respect, I’m saying probably not this year. I’ve been reading that we’re likely in for an unusually prolonged hot/warm and humid weather pattern well into October. Does that throw you off--I mean like what the heck you’re going to wear when the calendar says fall and the weather gurus say it’s staying warm?

Chill, please. I’ve got some time-honored and still on-point solutions. Think about the use of color, fabric weight and texture, volume, layering and shoe selection. Let’s walk (pun intended) through these starting at the end of the list with footwear. I’m so predictable.

First off, don’t put your sandals away for the season--not all of them anyway. Still very useful are those in darkish neutral colors like saddle, gray, black, matt-finish metallics. One rule of thumb from our resident shoe expert Susy Damon is to wear sandals that are close to the color of your hem, pant leg or legging, creating a head-to-toe harmonious look.

Now is the ideal time to sport loafers, oxfords, sneakers, flats and ballets sans socks or tights.

And have your heard about “shooties", more than a shoe less than a boot?  Perfect for now! Back to my solution list, in order from now on.

Color. Tone it down.

Goodbye to bright summer colors like orange, turquoise & hot pinks. Although a touch may make a fun seasonal statement. Just a touch. I love the burgundy in this lightweight blouse from Veronica Beard. Wearable on a hot Indian Summer day yet has a color reminiscent of fall.

Fall is the time to begin flaunting your subtle side. Don shades of fall such as off-white, gray, blue, olive, black, and navy.

You'll be surprised how cool a mix of these colors in one outfit works not only in solids but also when you integrate prints.

How cute is this Rachel Zoe print tunic/dress?    I say, prints like this freshen your style and your soul. Sounds like a good plan to me. 

Fabric weight and texture

Bulkier sweaters or heavy wool pants and dresses? Nope, not yet. There's plenty of colder months coming our way. For this time of the year, let’s get tactile.

Cottons and light wovens that are breathable and feel luxuriously comfortable are the ticket now. As are soft, flexible suede and leather. And don’t you dare forget denim.

Pair items made of these materials with soft, cotton shirts or the lightest of merino wools. How good will it feel on your body? Email, call or text me. I promise confidentiality. 


Volume and layering

Look at it this co-workers are on the same mission. Yes, you might achieve one without the other, but why try? Gina, one of our K. Renee Home stylists, relies on a denim jacket in her wardrobe layered over about anything.

A sleeveless t-shirt dress layered with a jean jacket quickly gives you a summer meets fall look.

Tip: Remember, you can mix and match spring and summer pieces into fall and winter to make a fabulous contrasting masterpiece.

The idea here is to add layers of unlike yet compatible pieces. (This practice goes for guys as well.) Just last week I wore a black leather vintage moto jacket over a dark blue Egyptian cotton shirt paired with textured blue/gray slacks.

My look was inspired by some new black men’s Aquatalia strapped boots.

By the way, jewelry and belts are layers too. The volume comes naturally. You’ll know when to stop when you feel bogged down or uncomfortable or when you look in the mirror and say to yourself “Maybe I’ve gone too far or I’m trying too hard.”

Yet, I encourage you to be creative. Unsure? Take a selfie and send it to me, DJ, Susy, Lana, Dana or Ryan--the K. Renee Fashion Stylist team--for feedback. Let us do the work for you. We all love what we do and strive to have you look and feel like a million bucks. Even a trillion.

Sooo, there you have take on stylishly and comfortably one-upping unseasonal weather (dare I say climate change).  I hope I’ve been helpful.

And speaking of great transition clothes, we are having our Fall 2016 Vince Trunk Show this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  No one is better than VINCE. at creating cozy separates perfect for football game weather and transitional dressing!

The team would love to show you all of our favorite summer to fall transition ideas!    Don't hesitate to call and set up an appointment to get some one-on-one time to help you find the styles that are the best fit for you, the most flattering and, most importantly, fits your personality.