Style Hacks to Look Your Best

June 19, 2016

No matter who you are or what you do, you will look and feel better if you play up your best features!

I tend to appear small on top and heavier from the waist down. Now, I am like everyone else and wish for the day when I achieve the perfect body (not going to happen.) And let’s face it, at 55, short-shorts and two piece suits no longer exist in my wardrobe. And I am okay with that. Yes, I should work out more for my health (and this is on my serious list of to-do’s) but long ago I stopped waiting for the perfect body to allow myself to dress in a way that made me feel like a million bucks.

All of us tend to fall into one of four distinct groups… the rectangle, the pear (me), the hourglass (I wish), and the apple. And all sorts of variations in between!

Image: J'Amy Tarr

The good news is that weight has nothing to do with looking great in your clothes. It’s really all about proportion and playing up your best features!

If you are a pear…

Your hips are wider than your shoulders. You’ve likely got great arms, shoulders and waist.


Your goal will be to accentuate your top half.  Off-the-shoulder or fitted-at-the-top dresses are great for you...especially a fit and flare.  Structured jackets, a-line skirts and interesting tops that draw attention to your arms and upper body should be pieces to strongly consider. Your slacks should be boot cut or slightly flared to help balance out hips. 

If you are a rectangle…

Your waist, hips and shoulders are similar. You’ve likely got great legs and arms!!!


Your goal will be to draw attention to or to create the illusion of a waistline.  A belt on your waistline is just one way to help create this definition.

Tops with ruffles will help make your upper body larger, therefore your waist smaller. (P.S. We have this dress above in stock and would be a great option to wear to Variety’s Polo on the Green.)  Jackets and tops that draw in at the waist are great options along with form-fitting skirts that allow your legs to take center stage. You can also wear skinny pants. The tapering creates the illusion of having hips!

If you are an apple…

Most of your weight is above your hips. And you typically have magnificent legs!!!

Your goal is to minimize your mid-section by showing off your neckline or (and) your great legs.  V-necks, empire waists and shorter skirts are great options. You can also wear a cute shift dress that may appear boxy on the hanger but make you feel like a million bucks once on.  Shorter dresses will show off your great legs.

If you are an hourglass…

Your shoulder and hips are similar in proportion but you have a tiny waist. Holy smokes, you’ve got great curves.

Your goal is simple...highlight those curves. Fitted clothes are your friend. Anything else just tends to put on bulk.  You need great belts in your wardrobe so you can cinch your waist. Belted jackets, pencil skirts and wrap dresses all look great on you. I always envy you curvy ladies, especially when you wear the ultra-flattering v-neck.

Our styling team is all about helping you choose well-fitting and flattering combinations (for your unique shape) to help you create a sleek look for all the occasions in your life...whether that is running around with the kids, commanding respect in the office, hanging out with friends on the weekend, or gearing up for a fun evening out.

So now just a few more style hacks to help you look your best...

If you have a small chest...

Add volume to your bustline with a ruffled or pleated details….

If you have short legs…

Look for higher waist pants and a pair with  a nice great heel of the same color to create a monochromatic look that helps elongate your legs. 

If your midsection is your challenging area...

A flared silhouette can draw attention away from the middle. I also love the look of this sleeveless dress.  It’s cut short which is a great way to feature slim legs.

If your arms are out of shape…

An off-the-shoulder top is a beautiful look and you can show off your shoulders and neckline

If your thighs are curvy…

Then a flared jean or pant is what will flatter your shapely legs.

But perhaps the biggest style hack and secret weapon is…

Use a great tailor...

And we have one!  Complimentary alterations are just one of the services that we provide at K. Renee.   We know you are unique...and pants are rarely just the right length, waistlines need to be taken in and most clothes can be easily tailored to give you the correct fit.   Clothes that fit well is the difference between an ‘okay’ outfit and one that will be remembered and worn for years to come.

But wait...Don’t just take it from me! 


What if I was to tell you that one of the most well-known and well-respected celebrity stylists in the world (and her team) will be spending some time at K. Renee this fall?

Our special guest is also an author; had her own TV show; and has a ready-to-wear designer collection (that we have been carrying for the last 6 years.)

Yes, you’re right Rachel Zoe and her team of stylists are coming to town for a very special trunk show on November 3, 2016 to present her holiday and resort collection to her committed customers. Rumor has it that Roger is coming too! 

Rachel and her team will only visit a few independent stores in the United States this year. Why K. Renee? Kelli has been deeply committed to bringing to Des Moines from New York what she considers to be the best of the best. And because she believed in the Rachel Zoe collection from its first appearance on the runway in 2011, the Zoe team believes in us. 

 Now Des Moines… it’s time to show the rest of the world just how darn beautiful and current we are!

In just a few weeks, Rachel’s Fall Collection will begin hitting the floor. See those two pieces behind Rachel in the picture below?


Yup, we will have them in store shortly. Banana’s!  We always have lots of her collection in the store.  So, there is plenty of time to join in on all the fun.

You won’t want to miss the chance to see and learn from the best of the best! To keep updated on upcoming events, make sure you subscribe to our blog (sign-up at bottom of page) for first notice on what’s going on at K. Renee! We have a few other celebrity surprises (related to our home store) already in the works.

Here is to looking your best each and every day!