Stacie's View: A Juggling Act

November 10, 2014

It’s been a busy couple of months for my husband Travis and I. Last June, we decided that it was the right time to sell our home. We put it on the market and it sold in just 7 days. The pressure to find a new home was on!

Why did we decide to sell our home? Travis and I wanted a home that was more modern in style, something that better reflects our personalities. We were dreaming of an interior space that looks something like this…

We considered several options, but we were pretty sure we wanted to build. But building has its own set of issues and pressures and we weren’t so sure that this was something we could personally take on. Not only do we have busy careers, but we had also just received the difficult news of my mom’s diagnosis of breast cancer. To say the least, the prospect of building was overwhelming. With my mom starting chemotherapy, my first priority was (and still is) to go home as often as I could to help out my parents.

Honestly, from the moment I received the news, I just wanted to pack up and move back to Cedar Falls. It is an incredibly helpless feeling, but I knew had to be the rock for my parents. And I knew they would want us to carry on with building our perfect home. With lots of thoughtful discussions, Travis and I agreed that building a new home would be a healthy distraction for not only us, but also for my parents.

There are many, many great builders out there but we knew that finding a builder that naturally understood the vision for our dream home was critical to success. We met with three different builders and settled on the one that suited us perfectly.

I have to tell you that having something so significant to dream about and share with my mom other than her illness has been a blessing in disguise.

Last August, I was sending pictures to my mom about the beginning stages of our home. In return I was receiving pictures from my mom and dad of the beginning effects of her chemotherapy. They wanted me to feel as though I was there experiencing this with them and not missing out on anything. Below is a picture that is near and dear to me. It’s of my mom with her grandsons on the day she cut her hair short in preparation for the days ahead. My nephews decided to shave their heads as well in support of their grandma.

It was a tough day for me not to be by her side.

During the trips that I made home during those first weeks of my moms treatments, she was feeling well enough to be very involved in helping us create our new home. From shopping for our appliances with me to looking at counter tops, tile and discussing garage doors. I’ve had the chance to speak to both my mom and dad about so many decisions we’ve made. She has been an amazing sounding board for me and is so patient! When my mom is feeling up to it, my parents come down to visit and see the progress of our home firsthand. The last time they were here, the house had just been framed.

Through this experience with my mom we have learned how important it is to surround ourselves with positivity, inspiration, and the things that make us most happy! We spend as much time at work as we do at home so we are thankful to have a team of people at K. Renee that provides us with love and support.

I am also inspired each and every day by the nature of our work, transforming lives one room and one outfit at a time.

I know firsthand how important it is to lift yourself up any way that you can in the face of difficult times. My greatest inspiration is my clients and my passion comes from being able to transform someone’s room which in turn brings happiness in their homes!

I love both home décor and fashion, I am living the dream! This week I had the opportunity to help merchandise our clothing store with all the beautiful clothing that arrived for our Theory Trunk show. I absolutely love everything in this line but this jacket is one of my favorites!

I would wear this over a maxi, pair it with a great pant and even wear it with jeans and a great bootie for a lunch date. I have also been inspired by this room that is so well done in black and white…

I’ve used this picture as an inspiration when designing our new home. I love the minimal look of black and white. I believe this allows for all of your pieces to really stand out in your space. We have decided on painting our walls a shade of white yet to be determined. The white will be the canvas for all of the beautiful furniture and lighting that we will choose for our home. Here are a few more of my inspiration pictures…

By design or coincidence, our house will be finished about the same time my mom will be having her last chemo treatment. What a celebration this will be!

As Travis and I move forward in this journey we will continue to fight through the really busy days of juggling work, building a home and spending time with those that are most important to us. We will remember that these days and moments will someday be beautiful memories.

I look forward to sharing the progress of our new home with you in three or four weeks, and of course the final result in early January!