February 4, 2017

Well, it is a little over a week away from Valentine’s Day. A day that I think we sometimes put too much meaning into (or should I say pressure on) and at the same time too little time.

At different times in my life... the day has meant very different things. Some years it was about romantic love, while others were simply about letting important people in my life know they were special. Some of my favorite years were the ones when it was all about the kids!

Oh, how I love the excitement of elementary school age kids as they prepare to exchange cards and treats with their classmates.   Kids have it right.   They give little gifts to everyone, boys and girls alike.   This lighthearted tradition is so far removed from the angst we sometimes allow ourselves to feel on Valentine’s Day as adults (especially when we are not involved with a significant other.)   

I have always been a little smitten by Valentine’s Day.  Heck, it's about celebrating love, sharing and giving. And I do think it’s important to make it FUN no matter where you are in your life.    I would have to say my favorite and most fun expression of this holiday was a tradition that I started on my daughter's very first Valentine's Day.  (Sorry, will have to suffer through me showing these pictures again!)

For the first twelve years of her life (or until she learned to say NO), I created a Valentine’s Day photo card that I sent out to family and friends.  Everyone likes getting a card, right? And I love having the memories of planning the picture, shooting it and now having them to reflect upon now that she is grown and gone! 

The tradition of Valentine’s Day is simply a ritual (and a good one) of showing others what is in your heart. And regardless of what is going on in our lives, we can always participate in the acting of giving and making someone feel special.

The team at K. Renee was put to the task of picking out their favorite gifts (big and little) that they would love to give and receive in hopes of giving each of you a few ideas for the special people in your life.

Maddy likes to keep it simple. She picked an understated mirrored star that reflects light.  This small accessory is the type of gift that can be given to almost anyone special in her life…parents, friends, or... someone else???   

Lana chose this gold 'initial' necklace. She liked the “R” for Rosie (her beloved Havachon puppy dog.)  I think this personal necklace makes a great gift for mother, wife, daughter or friend...(and we have lots of other letters as well.)

Wendi has her eye on a piece of original artwork in the store that is appropriately entitled “Make A Wish.” This beautiful 42 by 42 piece has a bright, optimistic quality to it.   And I think this is what Wendi is wishing for! 

Ryan has bigger ideas…and that is a set of leather tufted swivel chairs. How fun would it be to surprise that special someone in your life with a room transformation? These swivels would make a great start!

DJ is having fun with all the new Spring inventory hitting the clothing store each and every day. He thinks these easy-to-wear cotton wide-legged cropped pants would make a great gift especially for those that are heading to warmer weather over spring break.

Rachel loves this statement making salmon colored bench that would look amazing in an entryway, in front of the fireplace or at the foot of the bed.

Stacie is dreaming about having this fabulous mixed-media original art piece. There is just something strong yet very feminine about it.   Looking closely, you will see that its texture comes from broken glass...making the picture title "Broken to Beautiful" a perfect and relatable description.

Luxe soaps, lotions, and candles are always a good pick for a good friend or any special lady in your life - young or old. These are just items we don’t seem to buy for ourselves, and it never tires to receive them.

We have some small leather goods that are so elegant. Perfect for the Moms in your life. The key chain organizes several keys (comes in black as well) and the white leather passport/travel folder would be perfect for anyone that might be traveling internationally.

My favorite gift for the wives and girlfriends out there is an outfit selected (with our help) by the gentleman in their life. If you are looking for just one great item, pick out one of our unique belts that can be styled in multiple different ways.

Picking out something special for the man (Dad, Hubby or Son) in your life can be difficult. I would so choose this ivory chess set and can imagine spending a cozy evening or two playing a friendly (but highly competitive) match.

And for those of you with a ‘honey’ in your life, a thoughtful card and a night at home full of rich conversation and a wonderful meal sounds to me like the perfect Valentine’s Day. If setting a table for two gives you anxiety, just stop in and we can show you how to put a simple but romantic setting together…it is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

No matter what you give or do for whoever is special in your life…just know that the act of ‘taking the effort to create something special’ is the most magical gift of all.

I hope you have a wonderful week.    And while you are thinking about what you'll do for others, make sure you give yourself something too.    Schedule a massage, buy yourself flowers, splurge on a pair of shoes...whatever it is that make you feel a little smitten with yourself.