Small Acts of Kindness and Magical Moments

November 30, 2020

On this last day of November in the year 2020, we turn to December, a month dedicated to small acts (or large) of kindness and creating daily magical moments.  



Yet, it is also a month of reflection as we leave 2020 behind in hopes of a better year. Never before have I lived through a year with so many twists and turns knocking the ones I love entirely off their feet. You know who you are. Watching each of you turn toward the challenges you have face and persevere is inspiring.

Just as the year winds down, 2020 hits again, and this time close to home.  By nature, I am an eternal optimist and choose to believe the best is possible...because it is.   And will be.

A few lessons that I have learned along the way…


Small Acts of Kindness Matter

Last month, Jeff acted upon a small act of kindness idea that another team member had recently shared with him. At a staff meeting, we created small goodie bags that we could keep in our cars should the opportunity arise to give them away to someone in need.


Our bags consist of a five-dollar bill, a nutritional bar, hand sanitizer, and a pack-of-gum—nothing earth-shattering, but something that might just bring a tiny spark of joy.

I can't tell you how many times in the past that I have gotten off the interstate to see a person standing at the exit with a sign asking for help.  I would either change lanes or look the other way. Not my problem, right? Not my problem seems to be at the core of everything wrong in our world today.    



How can it be right to look away? It is not.  Who am I to judge need?   I can't.

Today, when I get off the interstate, I immediately look to the stoplight hoping that I can open my window and pass along this small act of kindness.



When our K. Renee bags run out, I will make more and always have these in my car. The world is not so kind for many. It is the least that I can do.  Thanks Jeff for making this small aha moment happen.

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday. Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement hoping to unleash our personal power to aid our community and the world. It is the perfect opportunity to start the month off with an act of kindness!  Our non-profits need us!


Create Magical Moments Often and Frequently

A magical moment is something special that you experience in your life. The beauty of these moments is that they can be such simple things. What matters most is the feeling - a burst of joy - that is created as a result.  



I received one of the greatest compliments (burst of joy) yesterday when my step-daughter Jenni sent me this text…


"Thank you for making Christmas magical for us kids for so long, so thankful I get to continue the traditions."


It meant so much to me that I had passed along my passion for making the holidays a special and memorable experience.   

Jenni and her husband built a gorgeous three seasons porch this past summer, which we furnished with a K. Renee outdoor sofa and swivel chairs. Indeed magical in itself...


But then she took it one step further with a gorgeous and simply magical tree that will create a daily burst of joy!




A magical moment doesn't need to be flashy. All it takes is to pay closer attention to the simple yet beautiful moments that make us smile. 


It can be knowing that deep down, you have made a difference in someone's life.

Giving and receiving an unexpected compliment.

Making a conscious effort to support local businesses and restaurants.  

Tipping big when you have the chance.

A dinner party for two.

Being silly.  

Treating yourself.

Creating a home space that you love.  

Getting dressed up even if you have nowhere to go!

A soulful conversation with a good friend or loved one.

A belly laugh.   


This year is especially important to experience perfectly simple magical moments. 

One of my favorite moments is watching customers who are visiting us for the first time as they take their time exploring and absorbing the abundance of inspiration that we work so hard at K. Renee to create.  


I hope to see you soon in our magical wonderland we call K. Renee.