Sheer Delight

August 3, 2020

I often get asked by friends and clients, "How do you not want to constantly change your own home when surrounded by such beautiful and unique things?"   I honestly don't get the itch very often, as I am equally pleased to see all that I love in a client's home. 

But there is one piece due to arrive later this week that has really grabbed my heart.

I don't know about you, but I often have closet envy.  The cool thing about the piece that gives me sheer delight is that it would work in both a new or an older home (in need of some closet love.) 



Really? How perfect, right? This gorgeous piece of furniture has a white plaster front with pattern overlays giving it a very sophisticated vibe. Open the doors to find shoe (and purse) storage behind and inside each door. To make it even better, this chest has LED lights that automatically come on upon opening doors.  

Holy toledo. I am in love.

Times have been crazy at our showroom as we continue to serve clients who want and need furnishings for their own homes. The trend (that should never be a trend at all) is to make our homes a place we want to be rather than a place we have to be. 

As a result, you will see our beautiful things coming and going faster than you might have a chance to see. 



With that in mind, I thought you would enjoy a sneak preview of what will be arriving in our showroom later this week.  We actually sent our own trucks down to North Carolina to retrieve market orders placed last fall. Waiting patiently just didn't work for us! 

Kelli's sheer delight is the fantastic cocktail table that I have pictured below. She has been going on and on about how much she loves!



What does she love about it? Besides the fact that it is simply gorgeous, she loves the classic chevron pattern constructed with four different natural stones. I can't wait to see the beautiful room that Kelli will create (for some lucky customer) with one of her all-time favorites.  

This grouping also has a few other pieces arriving alongside it.



How cute are these little side tables and especially the small drink table with its aluminum top?    So fun.     

So all of you good vibe crystal lovers...this next cocktail table is right up your alley.    It is constructed with Pyrite (commonly known as Fool's Gold.) 



There is nothing foolish about this beautiful cocktail table.   In the land of crystals and their meanings, Pyrite is known to reflect the energy of gold, bringing success, enthusiasm, happiness and power.    Yes, please.

The word that comes to mind with this next grouping is 'fresh.'  




The sofa and love seat arrived last week, but this gorgeous cocktail table is on the truck.   It has a solid cast aluminum base with a wood top finished with white plaster.    Lovely.  

I see the beauty of the stars in this amazing console below. 


Its case is wrapped in German silver and features inlays of rock crystal on the doors and end panels.  It is a great media or storage piece with three soft closing doors, two interior drawers and adjustable shelves.   It just has a happy, positive look to it.

On that same note, how about the modern floral design on the cabinet below.   It is just lovely.



Perfect for a bedroom, dining room, or great room.    The dimension adds great texture and pairs perfectly with just about any color or wood story that you may already have in your own home.  

It will be a lovely outing for you later this week to see all of the new inspirations out on the floor (for as short as that might be.)  If there is a particular piece that you want to see as soon as it is here, just send me a note (at and I will call you for a first look.    

I promise you'll be as inspired as we are!