She Walks Into A Room...

November 2, 2015

Confident. Elegant. Modern. That is generally how I feel, especially on the days when I put together a particularly good outfit that showcases one of the many specialty pieces that I have accumulated over the years from K. Renee.

I know, you might say that’s easy for me since I am part of this business. But my discovery of this confidence actually happened on my 40th birthday… yes (gag) fifteen years ago almost to the day.

My husband Frank threw me a surprise birthday party for my 40th… and I remember that day clearly. It was really quite special that he went through all that planning and effort for me and I felt loved. But I also remember walking into a room full of people feeling, well, how should I say it? Not well put together. I think I was wearing a grey pair of pants and a plain grey sweater… and I felt kinda like my clothes. Drab.

You see, at that point in my life I was struggling with my body changing and my style viewpoint. I have always loved fashion. But as I grew older, it become more and more difficult for me to put together looks that matched how I was feeling inside. I was not doing a good job of finding pieces at a variety of different stores and putting them together in a way that made the clothes and myself come alive. It was frustrating.

Frank had already made a habit in his life of going to see Tim Sitzman of Mr. B’s for all of his wardrobe needs. He knew what looked good on Frank, what sizes he wore, his life style needs…and it was a such a pleasure getting to know and working with Tim. He was basically Frank’s style partner. And Frank always looked like a million bucks.

And then there was me. Not always looking (and feeling) so great. It was in that same year that I stumbled into K. Renee looking for a holiday party outfit that would make me shine. And, of course, I found it.

My relationship with K. Renee didn’t happen overnight. It was probably through the next couple of years that I would continue to stop by and look at all the beautiful options and develop a relationship with their fantastic style team. I also discovered that this particular clothing store (through the great vision of Kelli) brought to Des Moines brands and looks that I had only thought would be available in bigger metropolitan areas. In the following years, while I conducted my own business and would also travel with Frank and the Pioneer team on sales events, I needed (and wanted) to look my best…confident, elegant and modern. If Frank would walk into a room looking like the amazing man that he was, it was just as important for me to do the same. After all, we were a team.

Frank discovered long before I did, that finding a clothing store that could help elevate his game was an important part of maturing and capturing all that life offers. I am thankful that I had found my style partner in K. Renee.  In the toughest and best times of my life, K. Renee has been an important part of giving me the confidence to carry on.  Confident, Elegant, Modern – that is always what I strive to be.

Enough about me! You may have noticed the amazing hat and outwear on the picture above… I think she looks absolutely stunning and certainly someone that I want to know.

We have a special treat this week as we bring back Amina Hood of Amina Marie Millinery on a one-day special event (this Thursday, November 5th). She will be showing her collection of winter custom made hats.

Amina brings us a collection of wide brimmed hats, fedoras, fur and fascinators. Along with our style team we will pair these one-of-a-kind pieces with our incredible collection of outwear and winter jackets.

Hats are on trend this season! A great hat can take what might be considered a basic outfit to the next level – adding sophisticated polish and a little mystery. 

A stylish larger hat is great to help us keep our head and ears warm, protected from the harsh Iowa winter elements. Functional, polished and fun!   And the power of a smaller headpiece can be just the thing to create a uniquely stylish look. 

So what are the rules?

First, you should think about your outfit or outerwear and make sure that you feel comfortable and confident. A hat should compliment the silhouette of your outfit. It’s all about proportion. A wide brim hat should balance the volume and width of your coat or outfit.

If your outerwear is tailored and neat, opt for a hat that is structured, simple and elegant.  And most important, a hat should compliment your face shape. A round face should opt for an angular hat that cuts across your face while an angular face might benefit from a rounded hat with soft trim.

If you ever wanted to wear a hat, take advantage of the opportunity to have Amina(our special guest and hat maker) here in our store to help you match the shape of a hat to your bone structure and an outfit that is perfect for you.  Wearing a great hat is a unique and special experience…combined with having a custom made hat fit and styled especially for you is just plain fun and exciting! 


I hope you can join us Thursday, November 5th for some high style and fashion fun!