Beating The End-of-the-Summer Blues

August 27, 2017

I think I have a case of the end-of-the-summer blues...How about you?  Actually, this feeling is a fairly common affliction. Symbolically it represents the end of carefree summer days, long bike rides, back yard barbecues and pool parties to look forward to.  

The blues have left me feeling flat and uninspired for the next season ahead.   Really?  Since I am in the inspiration business, I had probably get that nipped in the bud, right?  So for this blog, I decided to focus on all of the things that I am FALL-ing in love with.   Here I go...

Electric Pink Jacket | K. Renee

Before I go any further, I just want to say I am over-the-moon about this stretch velvet "Hot Electric Pink" power jacket.    Honestly, how could I feel anything but amazing in this fresh fall find?    Paired with a crisp white shirt and jeans or my leather leggings.   Yes, sigh.    Or over a simple black dress for a little 'oomph' on a day when I need it.    Certainly something fun to look forward to wearing on one of the cooler days ahead.

I digress, back to business.  First things first.   It is high time to think about all the wondrous things that fall will bring.     

Write a love list

Hmm.   Instead of feeling all blue because something is almost over,  it is time to remind myself of all the things that I love most about the fall.   What attracts me, what am I passionate about and interested in doing?  The change of seasons is an exciting time with all of the new things that it is about to bring!

  Fall Love List

Find Some Inspiration

 You can see from my love list that fall fashion is one of my favorites.      Closed toed shoes and boots?  Yes, I am ready to leave behind the grind of making sure my toes have un-chipped nail polish and I am looking forward to socks and tights that somehow seem to ease the burning on the bottom of my feet!     Because of our harsh winters and my frequent wear, I am always on the hunt for boots and shoes to replace the well worn ones from the season before.   Susy Damon (our shoe buyer) never fails and these are the shoes that I am eyeing righting now.  


Shoes and Boots | K. Renee  

Okay, the fur slip-on shoes are for Sydney (and are all the rave!) but I think they are so cute.. I might have to keep them for myself.    Hats were not on my love list but it might be in the future because I adore this wool hat with metal trim detail.  


Wool Hats | K. Renee


The magic and mystery of a woman wearing a hat confidently is something that I find appealing for a little fall inspiration.    

 Wearing Hats | K. Renee

One of the things that I appreciate most about cooler weather dressing is the layers.    Jackets, shirts, vests, furs, scarves...I love them all.   I particularly like this little cropped jean jacket that just came in.   Easy to throw over most any outfit and looks darn good doing it.  


 Jean Jacket | K. Renee

Really one of the things I like the most about the cooler weather ahead is all of the luxurious layers and textures that we now get to add back to both our wardrobe and our homes. What is not to love?


Accessories | K. Renee



Pump up your creativity

Even though you might not feel particularly creative right now nor motivated to welcome the colder weather ahead, it might be time to stop wishing summer wasn't over and start doing a little something to welcome in the fall.   It will be a great way of getting inspired.  Change up your living room pillow story and make it say 'cozy and comfy.'  (Don't you wish you had a nickel for every time that I have made this suggestion?   But heck, it works and it's so easy and worth it to do!)    Or add a new that speaks to you!

Throws | K. Renee

Every time I walk by this amazing throw at the store it makes me smile.   Not only is it super comfortable but it also reminds me of all the places in the world that I want to go in the near future.   Double bonus!

Some new accessories can also rejuvenate your spirit about the coming months as well as revive the creative flow in your home. 

 Black and white pottery | K. Renee


Never before have I seen so many lovely accessories as we have in stock right now.   In particular, these black and white pottery pieces just spoke to me.  Simple but eye-catching all at the same time.   


Table Setting | K. Renee


I love how Kelli incorporated two similar pieces into a dining table story.   It just adds a certain vibrancy to the table.  


So for all of us a bit sad about the end of summer, let's consider this a fresh-start fall.   Instead of looking back, enjoy the transition beginning with all the natural beauty that summer fading into fall brings.   The crisp, clear days will be perfect for long walks, the farmers market will be rich with harvested produce, we will get to wear boots again, and able to cheer on our favorite football teams.

  And All At Once Summer

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash


And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.  That’s the way the transition into fall feels sometimes — one day you’re headed to the pool and before you know it, it’s time to throw on tights and chunky sweaters.   

Make it a Magical Week