Strategies for a Little Self-Care

April 13, 2020

It was wonderful to get so many notes last week from those of you who share my enthusiasm for being FIERCE!  Thank you for also sharing your stories with me. It personally meant a lot and goes to show that all of us are on a journey...and are in this together. 

So how are each of you doing?  By now, I hope you are adjusting to our new reality (for at least for the time being.) I read some thoughts on quarantine self-care that resonated with me. So today, I want to share these ideas with you on how to better cope with this adjustment in our lives. 


Sticking to a routine has been really helpful for me. While having a lazy day every once in a while is good for the soul, too many of them just seem to bring me down.  My weekly routine is to get up at my usual hour in the morning, walk the dog, bath, get dressed for the day, and tackle forward-thinking projects. There is always something useful to be done. Whether working on a blog, reaching out to friends, family, and customers, tackling a home project, or strategizing for the future. Making this time count for something is very satisfying!  




I think it is also so important to dress for the life we want, not that we currently have. Study after study shows that the way we dress directly impacts our mood. I simply can not put on workout clothes day in and day out! I need to feel alive and vibrant for myself, not for all the people that I won't be seeing! Many of you are working from home.  You've still got to look like you got it going on from the waist up, right?  So how about bringing some new style to your next ZOOM meeting!


Some of you are getting to spend some good quality time with your significant other. Plan a date night and add some variety and spice to your life.  Or how about challenging friends at your next virtual gathering to get dressed up as if you are actually going out and about?  I promise it will be a lot more fun that way!



As they say, when we look good, we feel good!  

I know the snow yesterday was a bit of a bummer, but the sun is shining again today.  No matter the weather, get outside for at least a little bit.




This is such a magical time of year when the leaves begin blooming, and the grass starts turning green.  The fresh air always lifts my spirits. I walk first thing in the morning, and it is always so calm and quiet.  And we live in Iowa, which means there is lots of room for social distancing.




Many of you are much more disciplined than I am about exercising and making sure you get all your steps in for the day. This unusual time is an opportunity to get moving and develop some new habits.  One thing that I have reintroduced in my life is the power of music.  Instead of my usual crime drama audiobooks and podcasts, on occasion, I blast some music and let it bring an ounce of joy and a bit of lack of restraint. Hmm, I wonder if there are any virtual dance classes. Might be the time to learn how to bust a new move or two!



This might be the most crucial self-care tip of all.  We are all isolated and not used to the lack of freedom to socialize when we most need it. But through this time, I have actually connected a bit more than I typically would, and you know what? It feels good!  

Don't ask me why, but I randomly send my step-son who lives in Arizona and my step-daughter, who lives in Ankeny, each something called a Facebook Portal a couple of months ago. I had a vision that we could all be able to talk simultaneously with each other.   



Who knew it would come in handy, right?  It is a device that allows me to use my wireless TV to video chat with the kids and talk to them handsfree while lounging comfortably. (My cat felt that he needed to get into the act as well. LOL.)  

Connections have never been more important than right now! And on that note, compassion for others is right up there in importance. 



As the days go by, I gain more understanding of how deeply this crisis is affecting every individual, industry, and business. By expressing compassion, not only does the recipient gain a much-needed benefit, but so do we. There is scientific evidence that indicates that our own stress levels are reduced, and our happiness increased. Win-win. 


By now, you are undoubtedly aware of how important your home is in your life.  Many of you are working at home and have had to set up an office space. It's essential to carve out an inspiring space for both work and for your own relaxation.   

A beautiful workspace can add to your productivity and creativity.  So why not work on improving yours and make it a space you love? 



A rug can help you to define a space (especially if you are having to carve out a niche you didn't have before), and it can provide a layer of much-needed comfort and interest.

My pick?   I love this hand-woven wool rug with a modern tweed design.   Cozy, comfortable and looks like it means business!


Artwork can make a space more peaceful, creative, and happy!  And besides, it will be impressive to have a lovely background behind you on your next ZOOM meeting.

My pick?  I love this large (54" by 68") colorful (but muted) piece featuring shades of rose, blue, black and tan.  It just has an uplifting but energetic feel to it. 



A lamp adds beauty and functionality to a work space.  

My pick?   I love this table lamp.   Strong, powerful, interesting...just like we are.


While work time is important, you also need to carve a space in your home where you can relax and have a private moment. Once you find your area, whether that is your master bedroom or an under-used spot in your home, take some time to give it some love. 



Perhaps a new pillow arrangement or throw.   Grab some of your favorite accessories and create a new grouping in your special place.    It is all about the layers (rugs, accessories, pillows, throws.)   The little things always make the biggest difference!


If you are feeling stuck, don't hesitate to reach out or send us a picture of your space.  We can send you some ideas on how to create a more peaceful and inspiring space. Happy to help and happy to deliver to your doorstep with step by step instructions. 





And last but not least, find the lesson. Each one of us will have different ones to learn. As we move forward, our lives will have changed. And so must we. Our relationships and home life have never been more important. And I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Is your home the sanctuary that you wished it was? That you can change. What must we do to keep our community strong? Local restaurants and businesses are going to depend on us to lift them back up to a place they can thrive. And in ourselves, how are we going to make each day count?  

Stay safe, take care of yourself, and be well.