Second Chances

December 30, 2019

I decided it was appropriate to end the year 2019 with a story about second chances. A very good friend of mine recently remarried for the second time to an amazing gentleman. As they started their new and magical life together, they purchased a home together that was ideally suited for blending their families, his kids, and her kids.  

With all the changes they were dealing with, they attempted to make do with all of their old furniture. The pieces they had accumulated separately from their lives before they found each other.  

It was a start. But our new couple knew, when the time was right, that they ultimately wanted to have a home interior that represented their life moving forward (without the furnishings that represented their past.)   

With the holiday season in front of them and lots of occasions to gather with their blended family, they decided now was the right time to start furnishing their home together.

The list of what our couple wants to change in the home is long, but changing the lighting was on top of their list. It seemed to stand out the most as "dated" and not their personal style.   


Also, on the top of their list was to have a living room where all of their family could gather comfortably together.  

We decided that it was essential to tackle their main living area first, and then work on a new lighting plan. We knew that once this space was furnished beautifully, their current lighting would not be as noticeable...and something they could live with a bit longer.

Of course, our team made a home visit to see the space and measure, created a space plan, and had our second chance couple visit our showroom to select the just-right pieces for their home.  


Comfort was key, as well as making sure the space had a masculine quality to it.  We immediately knew that these charcoal leather swivel chairs and a rugged cocktail table would appeal to 'him' while the cozy comfort of this pretty incredible sectional would appeal to 'her."   







The end result was quite fabulous...





After we completed the living room, I went back to the store only to receive a text...


"Do you still have that fabulous breakfast nook table that you showed us for the future when we were in?"

"The space looks so good that we want to do that area as well!"

"Merry Christmas to me!"

I love that!  With a few texts back and forth and another quick run out to their house that very day, "Voila" the breakfast area was transformed as well...

From this...




To this...

My friend writes...



It is me that should be writing a thank you note (and I will) to tell you how much it means to me to be a part of creating your new world together!   And for trusting the K. Renee team to make it happen.  

Second chances are a beautiful thing, aren't they?   And the best part about them is that we get a second chance every new day and new year to recreate the life that we are currently living.  


Second chances aren't just for new relationships, they are for everyone that has a desire to write a new story for their life. What a perfect way to end 2019 and to begin 2020. The only question I have is, how will you rewrite your own story this year?

All of us at K. Renee wish you a Happy New Year and for 2020 to be full of joy and blessings!



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