Savor the Moment

January 21, 2019

As we head into the end of January, I can't help but think that another month is zooming by faster than the speed of light.     All month long the thought of savoring has been on my mind.    While in the midst of big plans and dreams, I have to constantly remind myself not to wish away the moments.    I have to better learn how to SAVOR them.

Whether it's a momentous or a small occasion in our lives, taking the time to appreciate each one of them creates a greater source of happiness and well-being.  The good news is that savoring isn't just for food.

 In our world today, creating more EXPERIENCES is one of the best ways I know how to SAVOR the moment.     How do we take the simplest of things and create memorable experiences...or at least ones worthy of savoring. 

  According to research, there are four main ways to savor an experience.

1) Anticipation - looking forward to something is pleasurable, right?  We look forward to a vacation, lunch with an old friend, a special night out, or even a relaxing night at home watching a movie.   Anticipation brings us joy!

2) Appreciation - noticing the good feelings we have when we see something beautiful, have a good belly laugh, or an incredible view increases our well-being...when we take a moment to savor it.

3) Reminiscing - Another way to savor the moment is to think about our happiest days...replaying them in our minds. Maybe that's why getting together with old girlfriends is the best!

4) Sharing - Passing on and celebrating good news, things that make you happy, or sharing an experience with friends and family is good for all of us...and gives us another opportunity to savor the things that make us happy!

Consciously savoring moments and creating experiences make us happy.  And makes life meaningful.  And while a trip to Paris might be a momentous experience, I am more concerned about savoring the things that can happen to me in my everyday life where I spend most of my time.   Let me give you a few quick examples.

I don't cook much anymore.   And although I love to go out to eat, the majority of my meals happen in my home. For the last several years, I adopted the habit of finding quick unmemorable solutions (ie: pre-cooked chicken) for meals and was eating to just not be hungry.   Boring, right?

Then one day, a client of ours at K. Renee told me about a health food chef that could come to my home, bring the needed groceries, and cook healthy and tasty Paleo or Whole 30 meals right in my own kitchen.  Hmmm.    Intrigued.   Home cooked food to savor?

I gave it a try.   Once a week, she comes to prepare for me 10 well thought out and interesting meals (5 for lunch, 5 for dinner.)   

Life changing! There are all sorts of mail-order services that do somewhat the same thing, but I would actually have to cook them myself. And I love the idea of supporting a local entrepreneur and the personal experience of having the meals cooked in my own home. I now anticipate a meal. And all I have to do is reheat, plate and enjoy!

Believe it or not, I think I actually save money at the grocery store because I am not over-buying and underusing food.   And I get to SAVOR a lovely meal 10 times a week, instead of a couple of times a month.    (If you want more information about my healthy chef, stop in or email me and I will get you the information.)

And let's talk about the act of finding and purchasing everyday clothes or special outfits for any occasion.    How can you savor that experience just a bit more?    Doing it alone is no fun!   Why go it alone when you could have the experience of a dedicated wardrobe stylist to help you pull together looks that you might not have thought about on your own.   

A wardrobe stylist who can share ideas with you on what shoes to wear, what jewelry and how to wear the pieces that you purchase several different ways.    All while having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.     An experience to savor!

And in your own home, are you having the experience that you want?   Do you find yourself avoiding spaces because there is nothing inspiring that draws you to them?   And how do you get it done in a way that is positive and memorable rather than a painful one riddled with delays and unmet expectations?

Creating a space in your home should be a memorable experience that you savor.    Our home stylists aim for this joyful feeling each time we get the opportunity to help a client with their home.

Just last week, we helped a client of ours who works hours upon hours serving her own clients with a room that she dreamt about being her zen-like relaxation space.  A place where she could peacefully land at the end of a long hard day.    She knew the room needed help but just didn't have the time, energy or vision to accomplish what she wanted.    Enter K. Renee.  


This particular transformation reminds me of the line that Chris Harrison always uses in the Bachelor series that he hosts.   "The most dramatic season ever..."



But in our case, the most dramatic transformation...


Finally, a place where our client can put her shoulders down and her feet up.   Enjoy a glass of wine or read a good book. A place that she can't wait to wake up to have her morning coffee or get home at the end of the day to read, relax, or savor the moment.


A room that hugs her back for all of her hard work and positive spirit. A room where she can slow down and savor the moment.  

So here is to... savoring all that life has to offer us from big to small and everything in between!    Have a wonderful week,