Satisfying Your Love of Color

October 2, 2016

A couple weeks ago in Gina's blog "Live Life Beautifully With Kids and Pets!" she talked about the ease of using a neutral color palette as the foundation of a home and then bringing in pops of color in art, accessories, pillows and throws to satisfy your love of color.    She even mentioned the 2016 Pantone Color of the year, Rose Quartz.

You perhaps even thought to yourself, Rose would that work in a home?   Well, the inspiration for my blog today actually came from using this color in a home that we just completed last week.

We have been working with a couple whose taste runs to the modern side. As their home reflected, they like clean lines, sleek profiles and pops of color.   While beautiful, our couple just never felt like their house was a home that they were compelled to use and enjoy.    It was time for the K. Renee style team to get to work and help create a more relaxed and usable living space.

One of the features of their new room was a modern art piece that they chose with hues of blacks, whites, taupes and yes, Rose Quartz.    It is so striking and beautiful and was the perfect way to blend soothing neutrals, rich textures and a pop of color.

As we pull back to see the room as a whole, the room is full of furniture clearly meant for comfort, conversation and entertaining.   The contemporary taupe sectional with its chrome legs speaks directly to our clients love of modern but you only have to sit on it to know that you have found a great resting place after a long day at work.  

The rose quartz color continues to find its way into this room in the layers.   But notice that you don't need to be matchy-matchy to make it work.   It is just as effective to find a subtle version of the color, like the pillow in the front or the grayed-out version in the back.   And how beautiful is that chair next to the fireplace?   

A simple accessory on the cocktail table is a nice reference to the color story.   But keep in mind, once you make a commitment to a color that you love, it can be easy to go overboard.   

The biggest mistake when trying to incorporate color into your home is forgetting the importance of balancing it with neutrals.  Let your neutrals be the colors that flow room to room.  As we turn our view to the dining area, you see how lovely the Rose Quartz is in the living area but also how it doesn't need to be tied into the dining room and kitchen to make it work.  

The dining room was a big change for our clients.   While the look of their old table and chairs was modern, it also had a certain rigidity to it that didn't inspire long dinners and great conversation.   Instead we combined an industrial wood table, comfortable upholstered chairs and contemporary accessories and dishes to create a beautiful, casual and comfortable place to "pull your seat up and stay awhile."  

When this home was finished, each and every team member wanted to live in it!   

At K. Renee, we know that not every client is destined for a completely neutral living space.   Some of you want to go big with your color story! You know, I am actually a big lover of color myself.  And I have had homes that I have saturated with my favorites by painting all of my walls and picking out upholstery with the vibrant colors that I loved!   But the lesson that I learned (and a mighty costly one) was that my long term commitment to these color stories was not generally as long as I thought.   And my ability to change things up was compromised.

Instead, I have found that I can achieve the same impact in a way that gives me much more long term flexibility and is certainly less time and monetary investment.  Take for example an art piece that is not only rich with neutrals but with color options.  Shades of gray, white, black with splashes of saturated color.

As you might have guessed by now, we generally recommend investing in a neutral foundation for your home with pieces such as your sofa, chairs and rugs.  These neutrals are certainly not boring as they are rich with texture and pattern and they also allow you to add your strong touches of color many times over throughout the years.   There is something so inspirational about the color of the sea...

But a couple of years later, I can transition to the bold energy that a shade of orange might bring to my world. By making some great choices with my neutral wall colors and foundational upholstery pieces, I can easily bring this color into my world without throwing "the baby out with the bathwater."

Like your personal style, a home should have the ability to change and evolve over time.   If something is not working for you, especially in your home, it should be changed.   If your home doesn't strike you as beautiful, comfortable or functional...whatever it may be, perhaps it is time to explore the possibilities.   

Our job is to help you live in your home the way you have always dreamed...with or without color, modern, transitional or traditional.  We've got it all and do it all.

May your week be colorful in just the right way.