Roadblocks to Getting What You Want (in your home.)

April 3, 2016
Roadblocks to getting dream home
noun road·block \-?bläk\
:something that blocks progress or prevents accomplishment of an objective

One of the most interesting and rewarding outcomes of being part of a team that helps customers ‘beautify’ their homes and “stylize” their wardrobe is getting to know each of you, our pretty darn amazing customers. 


We have been fortunate to style both Nichol and her home!

 During the last 3 ½ years of our work in the home store, we have helped a number of customers move around their “roadblocks” to achieve the home they had always envisioned.


I thought it would be interesting today to share some of the most common roadblocks to getting what you want (in your home).


Fear of making a mistake.  This particular roadblock (which we see A LOT) can create a mental paralysis if you give into it. Some customers are afraid. Afraid to paint their walls a color they might hate. Afraid they might like something better - someday. Afraid to buy the wrong couch. So instead of having the home they have always desired, they have the same home they've always had. 

 Well darn. That is no fun. Here’s the thing… you will never know if you like (or love) something until you try it. And as they say, paint is cheap. But perhaps a sofa is not. 

This is exactly why we have chosen to stock our store so products are immediately available. I can’t tell you how many times we have had clients say “I ordered a sofa a couple of years ago and when it arrived it was… ugly...uncomfortable...too small...too big”.


K. Renee is working toward eradicating “the fear of making a mistake”.  Not only can you sit in each and every furniture piece that will arrive in your home but you have access (complimentary) to the best style team in Des Moines to help you pull together and finish each and every room in your home. So don't be afraid, just do it. You know you want to!


Another common roadblock is money.  I get it. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to invest in transforming that room you know needs to be updated. And you just never seem to have the cash on hand when you want it. But what if I was to tell you that you can take advantage of our interest-free finance product (through Wells Fargo) so you can decorate your home today and pay off your purchases in manageable bite-size chunks over a 12-month period?

 Personally, I love to take advantage of these “interest-free” opportunities when they are presented. I just schedule my incremental payments and I get on with getting on.  


While 'working on a room a little at a time' might not seem like a roadblock to getting the home you’ve always wanted, I believe it might be one of the biggest. 

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture or a new accessory for a room that you are trying to update and been left saying “What was I thinking?” “That doesn’t work as well as I thought?” Or “That doesn’t really make a noticeable difference to my room”.


And then you might feel compelled to go on another hunt for something else that might be just the trick. I can make an educated guess that you will ultimately spend more money and make more mistakes by trying to update your home a little at a time.   

Creating a new look for a room encompasses many variables such as color, lighting, room size and scale. And creating an inspiring room generally is achieved when you get it all done at once incorporating all the important layers (furniture, rugs, pillows, art and accessories) in a cohesive and exciting way. 

Yes, I know that seems overwhelming (see roadblock #2) but it doesn’t have to be.  Our team of stylists pull together complete rooms each and every week.  In this room below, you would think that a beautiful new chandelier would make a significant difference in the feel of this bedroom.


The before bedroom transformation we just did last week in Des Moines.

But it truly wasn’t until all the layers of style were added that made this room go from drab to fab.



So, you want to wait until no one will mess up your dream house?   Your home shouldn't just be a place that you dwell until the time is right.  It should be your personal sanctuary and decorated to inspire your soul regardless if you have kids, pets or a sloppy mate. 

 Most every fabric that you will see on our showroom floor is so easy to clean. Worried about stains? Choose from our beautiful microfiber, polyester and polyester blends, chenille, or sunbrella fabrics. 



I know this to be true. I have two aging english pointers that have… (how shall I say it?) issues.  And an ornery black cat.  They all sleep with me on my washable (and very glamorous) bedding.  And they break the rules by hanging out on my furniture during the day when I am not home. 



And to top off all that potential mess... my daughter has spent the last three years eating barbeque chips and cheetos on my white sofa and chairs. And you know what?  My home is still decorated exactly how I would do it if I was pet and child free.  Yes, it gets dirty. And yes, it cleans right up.  

If your home doesn’t lift you is pulling you down.  The time is now to create energy in your home that makes you happy.


Well, you certainly can stick with more traditional tones if that is what you love. But you do have options if you are wanting to give your home an updated, transitional look. Painting your woodwork a neutral white is one option but there are also less expensive paths to follow.


We have worked with many homes around town that are heavy with wood finishes (lots being the popular honey oak of years past.) I often overhear Kelli advising clients to consider their wood tones as simply a natural material within their home. Rather than making a major modification, you can focus on neutralizing your palette by choosing paint colors and materials within the home that work well with existing surfaces (wood, travertine, granite and other stonework.)


Honey-colored oak can be neutralized easily with paint and the right combinations of neutrals.

The secret is understanding the undertones of the colors you choose and how they interact with existing materials. Every color has an undertone of another color. A gray might have blue, green, yellow, red, black or brown. You want to make sure that any color you choose will be harmonious with the permanent materials in your home.

For example, if you are in a home with more traditional “warm’ surfaces we might recommend that you choose a grey with brown undertones such as Sherwin Williams ‘Agreeable Gray’.

As you can see, the darkest color in the ‘Agreeable Gray’ family of color is ‘Status Bronze.’  This shade of gray can help you neutralize your home giving you the opportunity to move away from the jewel tones of the past to the neutral, soft palette of a more transitional setting.

Never fear. You don’t have to figure this all out on your own. Kelli is a master of understanding how colors interact and what you can do in your home - regardless of its style - to give it a fresh, updated look.


I hope you consider giving us a chance to help you with any roadblocks you may be having. There is nothing that give us more pleasure than creating spaces that are relaxing, inviting and most important, a reflection of who you are and how you want to live.