Relax. Reflect. Regroup.

July 2, 2017

Happy 4th of July!   Yes, no matter the ups and downs in our lives,  I will always be grateful for the freedom of choice that we enjoy in the good old USA.

And it’s really hard to believe that it’s July already – where has the year gone?!  It seems like only yesterday that our team was reflecting on 2016 and planning for a wonderful year ahead.  

Jeff Schulz inspired me for my blog this week.    As our team met last Friday, he gently reminded us that we were halfway through the year and challenged each of us (as we head into the holiday)  to

To relax and enjoy the holiday day off.    To reflect on what we have accomplished up until this point. And to regroup by analyzing the journey and setting some new goals to make sure that 2017 is the best year it can and should be.

After all...there is still time - six whole months - to make the most of this year.

So let’s talk about relaxing.    




I say start by creating a relaxing, easy-breezy drink for your holiday celebration.

This time of year, a festive and fruity Summer Sangria sounds lovely.     Having a party or going to a celebration?    This simple and refreshing recipe might be just the trick.

When I think of summer relaxing, I think of our amazing outdoor furniture.   Seems to me that this would be a magical place to think.   With our all-weather upholstered furniture you can easily and beautifully bring the comfort of the indoors to your outdoor space.

And it’s not too late, we still have some lovely options in stock and ready to land on your deck.

Now, that you are relaxed, it’s time for all of us to carve out a few minutes of quiet time to think back on the past six months.

What were your highs?  How did you do?

I started the year with the word “Magic” to guide my accomplishments in 2017.  I simply want the maximum amount of magical moments that I can possibly help create.

Well, magic occurs for me when I get the opportunity to work with a client (and our K. Renee team) and deliver a room more beautiful than was imagined.    (My score: We transformed lots of homes, but could always do more.)

Magic also happens when we get to help customers pull together outfits that they can’t wait to wear and makes them feel amazing. (My score: Pretty good, but could always do more.)

Lana Jane put this fab outfit together.

Magic is doing unexpected and unusual things.   (My score:  Not bad, but could always do more.)

And magic is fulfilling a goal of taking a trip to Europe. (My score:  Homerun!!!)

But on the other side of the coin, there were plenty of times when I lost sight of my goals and fell into the trap of the day-to-day obstacles and stresses that prevent me from moving forward on some of my goals and plans for 2017. (Hate that when it happens #magicsquasher.)    

So, this is my time to reflect upon what I hoped to accomplish but just haven’t gotten to yet.   And more importantly, what is holding me back.

And with those thoughts in hand,  it is time to REGROUP.

What is your theme for the next six months?  (Mine is have a lot of fun and get a lot done!)   What do you want to get done and what actions can you take?

Thinking about an inspiring home office?

Or tackling a room in your home that has been nagging for an update?

How about that neglected entryway?

It's time to take action toward getting these projects done.   

And how are you doing on your fun to mundane ratio?  There is always room for more excitement.   So, what are some different and fun things you can do in July through December that can bring more pizazz into your work and your life?

Regrouping is about beginning again with the end in mind.   And it can never hurt to think BIG!  After all, six months is a lot of time to accomplish a lot of goals...but none of it will  happen if we don’t break it down, plan and take action.

And speaking of bringing a little more fun in your life (and for a good cause), I’d like to invite each of you to attend a chef event designed to fight hunger, Morsel Combat.   One of our K. Renee clients is the director of  a great community organization, Meals From The Heartland which brings to us 8 chefs that will  battle it out in the kitchen on Sunday, July 16th from 5 - 9 in the evening.  

A fun event serving up some tasty morsels for our eating pleasure. Sounds magical to me!  I’ll be there, come and have some fun with me.  Simply click on the link above if you are interested in finding out more. So,




Enjoy the festive holiday tomorrow.  Relax.   Refresh.   Regroup.   And on Wednesday, let’s all get back on track and make  2017 the year that we want it to be.