Rekindle That Loving Feeling

August 20, 2017


Your heart beats fast.  You just have a sense of calm that the world is supremely happy and right.    There is a word for that…


Never heard of it?   Me either.   But it is a great word that describes the euphoria of falling in love.  But the real trick is to stay in love!  And to do that you have to keep things fresh and interesting.

And the exact same thing is true for your home.   You are actually in a relationship with your home and you take on each other’s energy - good or bad, beautiful or blah, stuck in a rut or updated to perfection.   Our homes are a mirror of ourselves.   The interesting (and beneficial) thing to know is that when you make positive changes to your home, you make the same changes to yourself.


have you lost that loving feeling?

If you’ve lost that loving feeling about your home and you are feeling a little bored and discontent, it is perhaps time to rekindle your relationship with the interior of your home.

End of Summer

The end of the summer is the perfect time as this time of year marks a big change in our lives and in our home.  Kids go back to school (or move out all together) and we need to prepare for the cooler days ahead and spending more time indoors than out.  It is not unusual to feel a bit disconnected from the interiors of our home this time of year.


So, how do you rekindle your love for your home?  I’ve got a few suggestions.


First Impressions Still Count

Your entry is the first place that greets both you and your guests.   Take a moment and walk through your own front door and think about how you feel.  Does it embrace you and make you excited to be home or does it make you feel kinda blah?   It might just be time to work on making it a more exciting and welcoming place.

 Make a great first impression

 A Soft Touch

Introducing new soft surroundings is one of the simplest ways to breathe some new life into your home.  Let’s face it.   As the seasons change and cooler weather is just around the corner, it’s a good ideas to treat your home with some new pillows and cozy throws. 

Cozy it up


Lighten Up A Bit  

It is really amazing at the difference beautiful lighting can make in your home - whether you are brightening up a living room by adding an eye-catching floor lamp or adding a romantic chandelier in your master bedroom (not only might this rekindle your home but a little romance as well.) 

Lighten It Up

Turn a least favorite room into a favorite

Ideally, you want to love all the rooms in your home.   But usually there is a room or two that just sends you over the edge.   When I moved back into my home a few years back, I had a formal dining room which I really disliked.  Heck, I only used the room once or twice a year.

 Blah Dining Room 

I finally gave myself permission to part with that old dining room set (that I somehow thought was needed and expected in a home) and created a space that is so much more suited to my lifestyle…an intimate gathering room.  

 Transformed Space

It’s amazing how easy it was to fall back in love with this room when I finally did away with things that brought me no pleasure and instead created something useful and beautiful.




So, give some love to your least favorite room!   Short on ideas?   Consult with one of our stylists and I promise they can help you turn a lemon into lemonade.

Lemons to Lemonade

Wow your space and mix it up

Who says that you have to stick with one particular style or look throughout your home?    If your home is traditional, it will feel more interesting and alive by bringing in a little bit more of a transitional look.    Are you ultra-modern?   Soften those harsh lines with a little bit of a softer look.     Industrial?  Bring on a little bit of sparkle.   The trick is to connect different styles and that is what our style team is best at doing.

Mix it up

Or you might simply want to…

Create a whole new look

You have changed through the years and so must your home.  There is just something wonderful about a transformation and letting your rooms flaunt the look that you have always wanted but thought you could never have.   One of the most important rooms in your home is the great room (living room).   It is the place that you and yours return to every day to relax and reconnect.   If this space is a little hum-drum and in need of an upgrade, create a look that speaks to the spirit and aesthetic of your life, goals and dreams.   I promise you will fall in love with your home all over again.

Create A Whole New Look

Gain a new perspective

Another way to see your home from a different view point is to change it up with mirrors and artwork. When we see our home the same way all the time, let’s face it, we get bored.  Create a fresh look by adding a large mirror or by replacing a piece of artwork that now seems blah.   A mirror will reflect back all of the other things in your home that you love.   A new piece of artwork will inspire new pillows and accessories.

New Art Work

Fall Cleaning is the new Spring cleaning

You know how it feels when you wash all that grime off your beautiful car.  It all the sudden becomes shiny and new again.  


Shiny New 

The same goes for your home.   It’s easy to fall out of love with our homes when they are full of clutter, disarray and projects undone.    Give your home a good fall cleaning…it is one of the easiest ways to inspire a little love.   (I need to do this so bad!)  My daughter has moved back to school and I know once I remove all the clutter that we gained over the summer, my joy for my home will help me battle the sadness that she is not there to make her little (big) messes.

Fall In Love

Remember, part of the falling-back-in-love process is aesthetic.  The sense you get within 10 seconds of walking into your home should be that it just feels happy and right. This feeling represents the beautiful vision that you have for your future life…the one just around the corner.   When you walk into a home that you love, you actually start thinking and behaving differently in a wonderful way.   

So, take time to reconnect to the most important space in your life.  The simple truth is that our homes age (just like we do) and change over time.  And giving it a little TLC will be rewarded for years to come.  Commit to getting out of your rut. Shake things up a little and make a change. 

how can we help?

So what can we do to help you rekindle your relationship with your home?    Our style team is all about providing you with striking ideas to help you live your best life.   It might be as simple as changing out your artwork or a bit bigger like transforming a room that needs a little love.   We are always up for the challenge.