Reflections from a Self-Isolating Fashionista

May 4, 2020


We have all had loads of time for a bit of self-reflection. There have been many 'aha' moments throughout the past several weeks. How often do we get a chance to stop and look at who we are and what we appreciate?   

Here are a few things I have discovered…   

 Reflection One: I am a little high maintenance

My nails haven't been manicured and dipped in weeks. And I was utterly helpless when it came to removing the last remnants of that stubborn dip powder which ended up destroying my nail beds.   

My last hair appointment was sometime in early March. I DO NOT appreciate my new Zebra stripes (meaning all the grey that is growing in.)  I do prefer this on-trend pattern to be on my clothing, not on my head.




I have gained a whole new appreciation for my hairstylist, Libby.   A lot of people ask me where I get my hair done. I have been faithfully going to Serenity Couture at Valley West Mall for years and can't wait to go back once we can!



Eyelashes? Yes, I had to let those extensions fall off too! Oh my. Time to get in touch with my natural self, right?   



Reflection Two: I didn't always make my bed every day. I do now.

Making my bed daily is a habit I have aspired to for most of my life. I love the feeling of heading up to a bed that is made, ready and waiting. It reminds me of being in a luxurious hotel and coming back at the end of the day to a room freshly made.  

But time (or at least my perception of it) would get the better of me, and I would often leave my bed as I left it when I rose.



Now, as much time as we are spending at home, it can feel as if we are living in an ambiguous loop. Making my bed not only feels good, but it is part of my self-care ritual to create a distinct beginning, middle, and end of each day.  The end of my day feels much more inspiring when my room looks like this... 



Retired U.S. Navy Admiral Seal William McCraven believes that this small thing has an even greater impact than inspiration alone.  He authored the book "Make Your Bed: Little Things Can Change Your Life...and Maybe the World." 



One of the most powerful lessons that he learned as a Navy Seal was that if you make your bed every morning, you will have successfully accomplished the first task of the day. This small act gives us a sense of pride and will encourage us to another task and another after that.  

He also believes that making your bed helps reinforce the importance of life's finer details. Something that I know we are all reflecting on daily.


 Reflection Three: I am convinced more than ever on the importance of getting dressed every day.



I was self-employed for over 15 years and knew a thing or two about dressing for comfort. In the first couple of years of working from home, I would rise, put on my 'workout' clothes and live in them all day, every day. I relished in the freedom of throwing my hair into a ponytail and skimping on makeup. The downside of this 'freedom' became a general lack of motivation to care about my appearance. No one would see me, right? But, I saw myself and didn't like what I saw. I won't repeat that mistake this time around.  

So, yes, I do get dressed every day...comfortable, yes, but dressed for the day.     




It might be my age at this point, but comfort is always important to me, whether I am casual, daytime, business, or evening. Right, now I am wearing lots of my Normal Kamali. Machine washable, super comfortable, and high style. The perfect combination for our world as we know it right now. 

Bottom line...when you look good, you feel good.  As part of my self-care,  I am big on making sure each day has a beginning (make my bed), middle (dressed for the day), and end (lovely space to end my day.) 

 Back to that high maintenance thing... 

Reflection Four: I haven't deep cleaned my own home in years. Now, I do.

I have a cat and a dog, so I have always felt it was essential to have a cleaning service do a weekly deep clean. My cleaning day was always one of my favorite days to come home from work. Such a treat!  

Now, most of us are taking on this task ourselves. The weird thing about it, is that I kind of enjoy it.  Not only do I get a sense of accomplishment, but I feel like I am getting to know my own home better.  I am moving things around, assessing the state of each room, and working on making improvements.  

I am even more confident (and I was certain before) that our home environment plays a significant role in our happiness. I don't know about you, but I can't stay in the same room all day and I find myself traveling around my home.


And I want each space to provide me something different and inspiring throughout the day. A space for cooking and dining...watching movies...reading and relaxing...enjoying the outdoors...working on my puzzle...doing work and zooming.  

All the rooms in your home can (and should be) designed in the way you imagine and that serve your needs. Yes, we will be able to head back out into the world in the weeks ahead, but there is no doubt that we will all be spending more time at home entertaining ourselves, our family and friends.     

Making your home entertaining worthy is an investment that will pay off.  

It is hard to believe that it is already May, and next weekend is Mother's Day. Way too many Moms are going to be spending this holiday self-isolating. Perhaps the perfect time to send her a little home inspiration to brighten her day. We have you covered. You can do a little shopping from home:


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We can help you find something special, wrap and deliver for the special Mom in your life! I hope you have a wonderful and safe week.   

Happy Mother's Day,