Redesigning Your World When Plan "A" Fails

July 12, 2015

We've known for awhile that we would be furnishing and styling one of the homes at the 2015 Home Show at Prairie Trail in Ankeny.  And there was really only one piece of furniture that we firmly decided to use in the master suite and that was 'The Banks' bed by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  


We love it and knew it would make BIG impact.    We provided the lighting for the entire house and specifically selected two for the master bedroom that would work beautifully with the bed and the look we wanted to create.   Two mini chandeliers would grace each side of the bed...

And a ceiling mount that would fit nicely within the four poster bed.

Ah!   It was going to be stunning!        We loaded the bed and all of its pieces into our K. Renee delivery trunk and headed to our house to begin the master bedroom transformation.      As you can see from the picture above, it is a big bed and we knew that it was going to take some finesse to get it up the stairs and into the room.   We are constantly faced with moving and installing challenging furniture... where there is a will there was a way.    The guys successfully navigated the stairs and we thought we were on the home stretch only to discover that the headboard (82"w 86"d 89"h) would not fit through the standard door frame of the bedroom.    What?!  Ouch.    Plan "A" was no longer an option.

As our team stood in the bedroom absorbing the reality that our Plan "A" had been foiled... we knew that we had to come up with an amazing Plan "B" in only a few moments.   It was 3 in the afternoon and our warehouse back in Clive closed at 4.     Our saving grace was that we have several equally beautifully beds sitting in our warehouse and within a few minutes we sent the guys off to get another King that would fit through the door.  

As it is in life, our dreams often suddenly change.   What really matters is how we choose to redesign our world when Plan "A" fails.  And in this case, our Plan "B" master bedroom turned out equally beautiful as our original plan.  And I think you will agree...

Not only did we change our plans for the bed but everything along with it.   The side tables needed additional height so we selected these tiered gems that rest underneath the mini chandeliers.

The bedding remained neutral but we added the black and cream pillows to complement the zebra and chrome chair that sits in the corner of the bedroom.

The lighting above still shines beautifully and fills the room with a romantic gleam.

We love how the mini chandeliers provide enough light for relaxing and reading.   They look just as wonderful with the metallic wood finish of the bed frame as they would have with our originally intended bed.

Two ottomans sit at the end of the bed framed elegantly on a silver foiled cow hide.  

The K. Renee team created this beautiful bedroom in just a couple of hours.   When you have a team of stylists that love what they do and have access to a showroom and warehouse filled with many, many incredible options... it does not need to take months to pull together and finish a room.    We'd love to be your Plan "A" or Plan "B"!

I hope that you have time to visit us in the Luxe home (Number 3) at the 2015 Des Moines Home Show over the next couple of weekends.   One of our team members should be on site to give you a personal tour.    Can't make it?    Click on this link for additional pictures!

Have a great week!    We've got a special event at the clothing store this Thursday, July 16th...