Redefine Your Outdoor Living

March 13, 2016
I ran across a personality term the other day that described me perfectly: an introverted extrovert. I’m a person that likes be around people and can be very social, but I also need time alone in my own personal sanctuary. Thankfully, I really, really enjoy the comfort and beauty of the interior of my home (Thanks to my K. Renee team!)

But now that the days are becoming longer, and Spring is approaching, my thoughts turn to the anticipation of spending time outside in the warm sun while reading a good book or sharing a glass of wine with friends. But alas…

Although I have a great deck and some lovely furniture, it seems that when I go outside to enjoy the day, I ultimately decide that I will be more comfortable and relaxed inside. Okay, that just does not work!  I say it’s time to redefine my outdoor living.   How about you?

Over the last year, our team has finally found great outdoor furniture options that bring the same coziness and style of our favorite interior K. Renee rooms outside!

One of our outdoor furniture lines can easily be mistaken for indoor furniture which allows us the ability to create a softness in an outdoor space like never before.

Many of the pieces that we have in our outdoor collection are slipcovered in easy-to-care-for and fade-resistant Sunbrella fabric and underneath the cushions are guaranteed to resist mold and mildew. The frames are “marine-grade” which really just means waterproof and worry free.

Care?  Easier than you think. Slipcovers are machine washable. You can use both bleach and detergent on them.

And if you choose a piece that is fully upholstered, you can spray it with a cleaning agent, use a soft bristle brush to clean and then rinse with a hose. It will simple dry naturally.

Too good to be true? You know me, I like to do my research. After nosing around a bit, I came across a before and an after of the product being tested. The before chair had mud, leaves and masses of dog hair in it.

The after picture shows the last few minutes of the chair being power washed making it as good as new.

So, what does your dream outdoor oasis look like?  It doesn’t matter if you have a pool, a wrap-around deck, porch or a hard surface in your backyard, you can still create a beautiful outdoor sanctuary that extends your living area from inside to outside.

Our K. Renee team is dedicated to bringing style and comfort to your outdoor living spaces with everything from sofas, sectionals, and swivels…

…to fans, teak dining chairs, reconstructed stone dining tables, fire columns and so much more!

And just like your interior space, accessories will pull it all together with outdoor rugs, pillows and stone occasional tables.

Our showroom is full of amazing options to show you just what we mean! There is nothing that tells the story better than seeing, touching and experiencing what is possible for your outdoor space.  So please c'mon in!

I promise you’ll definitely be inspired!   We do have in stock options currently available or you can special order now to transform your outdoor space just in time for the summer.  

As most of you know, we remodeled our new clothing store and are just thrilled (beyond thrilled) with the new space.

But you might be wondering what is happening to the end unit where the clothing store resided for the last 15 years.   Well,  it too will experience a transformation over the next few weeks and will reopen as an extension of our home store featuring additional lighting options, expanded outdoor solutions, and a custom design center.

As we continue to grow, we are also looking to expand our wonderful pool of talent. If you know someone that has our same passion for helping others live life beautifully, home design, style and fashion, please ask him/her to send a resume to

How about that extra hour of sunlight we get today?   Enjoy each moment of the day.