Pink Isn't Just For Girls!

June 1, 2015

So I walked through the home store this morning and was struck by something quite surprising.    Hold on.    This one is a shocker... Kelli had created a beautiful room set using PINK.     

It was beautiful, soothing and surprisingly unfeminine.      And here is the good news, you can decorate with Pink even if you have a houseful of boys!   How do you do that?    I sat down with Kelli and asked her 'how to incorporate Pink or other such "girly" colors' into your home decor without leaving the boys behind.

Here is what Kelli says...

Soften the Color

Kelli suggests toning down the intensity of the color and drawing it in primarily through your accessories, art and smaller upholstery items.  "I think of a soft pink, almost as a neutral.    It goes well with cremes, blacks, greys... and creates a warm and welcoming glow to a room. "      


Why smaller upholstery items and accessories?    In a few years or seasons, you may want to change your color story... changing out accessories and art will make this much easier (and economical) to do.

Balance the Feminine With Masculine Texture and Print

In feng shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of energy flow, Yin (passive energy) and Yang (active energy) are associated with the feminine and masculine characteristics of objects in your home.    Having more of one over the other creates an imbalance; the presence and interaction of both nourishes each.

Kelli would suggest that you bring in textures that have a masculine feel such as the hammered metal chest, the dark fur throw and the black and white graphic pillows.

Keep it Strong

Kelli advised "In your home, always be aware of the subtle balance of the soft and strong elements.   When playing with soft colors like pink,  I think its important to use design elements that are bold in size and concept... like this art piece."

Okay, I know that we really just thought this natural stone was beautiful and looked great with the set... but how much more masculine can you get than with a rock?

Never fear... you can still add a few more feminine touches to the space.   I'm loving this pink Chanel coffee table book.    And yes, Kelli balanced the look with a geometric silver weight.  

I love strolling through the home store each and every day.   There is always something on the floor that takes my breath away and inspires me to incorporate into my own home.  Today, I am thinking Pink...  How about you?